Learning to Control Coffee OPT with Farmers with Coffee Field Schools

Coffee commodities as a commodity that is always warmly discussed, various efforts made by farmers and companies to increase the quantity and quality of coffee production.  One that plays an important role in decreasing the quality and quantity of coffee production is diseases and pests.

This encourages IPB University students who are conducting a 2019 Thematic-Field Work Lecture (KKN-T) and the Regional Government of Tegal Regency to carry out a Coffee Field and Disease Field School (SLPHT) in Sigedong Village, Bumijawa District (25/7).

Head of the Tegal Regency Agricultural Clinic, Darmawan Edy, SHut said that the target of this activity was coffee farmers in Sigedong Village who planted coffee under Perhutani's pine stands and on their own land.  SLPHT Kopi has a target to increase farmers' knowledge and skills in applying the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

"Our hope is that with the existence of SLPHT Kopi, farmers can independently develop environmentally friendly control technologies for Plant Pest Organisms (OPT).  In this activity, farmers are provided with skills in the form of multiplication of biological agents as environmentally friendly pest controllers, because in the future the Agriculture Clinic will continue to provide assistance and technical guidance to FFSF participants even though SLPHT has been completed because pest disorders will certainly continue to develop, "Darmawan said.

The SLPHT Kopi activity held in Sigedong Village consists of three meetings.  The first meeting was carried out an agreement contract between the Agriculture Clinic and local farmers as well as a glimpse of the material regarding pests and diseases.  The second meeting, carried out the practice of the introduction of pests and diseases in plants and the theory of control.  The third meeting, carried out an explanation of the techniques of pest and disease control using biological agents, namely Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR).

Meanwhile, coffee plantation manager, Gusairi said that as a member of farmer groups (poktan) and coffee farmers in particular, Gusairi felt helped by the existence of Coffee SLPHT as well as the sending of IPB University KKN students in Sigedong Village.

"Farmers who had previously asked agricultural drug stores often became aware of the role and function of the Agricultural Clinic and gained more knowledge regarding coffee cultivation, coffee pests and the use of both biological agents and multiplication," he said.

SLPHT will be held every year with a variety of food crops, horticulture and plantation crops in Tegal Regency.  In addition, plant health consulting services, assistance and technical guidance to farmers will continue to be carried out by agricultural clinics.  (SM / Zul)

Published Date : 30-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Darmawan Edy, SHut

Keyword : Plant Pest and Disease Field Schools, Coffee Farmers, Tegal Regency, 2019 KKN-T, IPB University