IPB University Students Teach Pandeglang Residents for Paving Blocks from Trash

IPB University students who are conducting a Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) in Cipapais Village, Kadumerak Village, Karangtanjung Subdistrict, Pandeglang Regency gave socialization on the making of paving blocks from a mixture of plastic waste, (23/7).

According to Fazrina, one of the students who took part in the KKN-T, the purpose of the socialization was to make the community especially Cipapais villages able to make their waste more useful, such as paving blocks.

This socialization activity was attended by residents of the Cipapais village. Making these paving blocks utilizes plastic waste leftovers from snacks, drinks and the rest of the household. Plastic waste is chopped to be very small until it resembles sand. The addition of a 10 percent plastic waste mixture into the dough can increase the strength of paving blocks by about 35 percent.
According to Cecep as Chair of the RW 6 Kadumerak village, this socialization activity is very useful to be implemented in Cipapais Village. According to him, in Cipapais village there is no adequate landfill.
"People still throw garbage in the river and in the forest. In addition, some roads in Cipapais village still do not use asphalt. With this socialization, it can help citizens to make waste as something useful, "he said.

Similar things were also conveyed by Yahya as a local resident. According to him, this activity is very good because the community can now use its garbage to smooth the village road.

"It's really cool if children's snacks can be used as paving blocks. Usually, the garbage in the house is only burned, this can be used as a paving block and can reduce the cost of raw materials in making paving blocks, "he said. (AVR)

Published Date : 26-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Fazrina

Keyword : Plastic Waste, Paving block from waste, 2019 KKN-T, IPB University