IPB University Students Encourage Digitalization of Majalengka MSMEs

IPB University students who are conducting a Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) with students from Majalengka University invite micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Majalengka to increase branding and digitalization. They held a workshop titled "Increasing Branding and Digitizing MSMEs" at Ujungberung Village Hall, Majalengka (13/7) which was attended by village officials, business actors and farmer groups.

MSMEs have become one of the driving forces of the mainstay economy, especially in the villages. The potential of MSMEs in Ujungberung village is still able to develop far better. This encourages KKN-T students to help the development of MSMEs, especially in the fields of branding and digitalization.
One of the businesspersons is Asep Rachmat Effendi, owner of Majalengka Mart, an incubator for marketing MSME products in Majalengka which was initiated by MSMEs throughout Majalengka. When becoming a resource person, Asep said that the challenge often faced by MSMEs is the mindset that wants to be instantaneous.

"As long as you can profit, they are satisfied. They don't think about developing their products and marketing. MSMEs, especially in the villages, mostly do not know the importance of a brand or brand and product legality. Even though in this era 4.0, brands are important to build identity and facilitate marketing. "In the digital era, the role of online media is also very important for developing MSMEs," Asep explained.

Asep also added that through Majalengka Mart, he was ready to help MSME players, especially in Ujungberung Village, to develop branding and digitize their businesses. Asep hopes that UMKM players will want to work together to keep thinking and innovating so that their products are unique or unique. (AA / Zul)

Published Date : 17-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Asep Rachmat Effendi

Keyword : Branding and Digitization, KKN-T Students, IPB University, Majalengka Potential