IPB University Students Embed the Value of a Healthy Lifestyle for Sumedang Children

IPB University students who took part in the Real Thematic Work Lecture (KKN-T) conducted a Healthy Lifestyle Socialization program for students at Babakan Buah Elementary School, Paseh District, Legok Kidul Village, Sumedang (16/7). This activity was held to coincide with the implementation of Student Orientation Period (MOS).

According to the address of the Head of the District of Paseh in his remarks, many elementary school children are currently doing inappropriate things such as ngelem, taking medicines and compulsion. Departing from this, IPB University KKN-T students conducted a socialization of this Healthy Lifestyle.

According to Brian, Student of IPB University Faculty of Animal Husbandry as Student Coordinator in Legok Kidul Village, this socialization aims to instill in students so they can achieve their goals by doing a healthy lifestyle. This activity was then followed by the Healthy Morning Path, the Garbage Picking Movement, and the Healthy Protein Movement by distributing milk and eggs the next day.

"I hope my siblings from the second to sixth grade at SDN Babakan Buah will be able to achieve their goals by implementing a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious foods and exercising sufficiently," he said.

Similar thing was also conveyed by Abdullah as the Principal of Babakan Buah Elementary School. Abdullah hopes that with this series of activities, the students of Babakan Buah Elementary School can apply good habits such as picking up and throwing trash in its place. (RYS)

Published Date : 24-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Brian

Keyword : KKN-T, Healthy Lifestyle, SDN Babakan Buah, IPB University Students