IPB University Students Creates Sunblock from Jackfruit Seeds and Coconut Oil

The protection towards ultraviolet radiation is very needed for humans along with the depletion of ozone layer. Ultraviolet radiation is very dangerous because it can cause various damage to living cells and cause cancer.

The use of sunblock made from synthetic chemicals is still not preferred for health reasons and relatively expensive prices. The solution to this problem is to use natural materials as for making sunscreens. Not only is it safer but the price is also more affordable.

Starch is one type of polysaccharide used as a manufacture of sunscreen. The starch content in jackfruit seeds has not been optimally utilized, so it needs an effort to process jackfruit seeds into innovations that are useful for health, especially the skin health.

IPB University students from the Biochemistry Study Program, led by Lidia Amelia and accompanied by Sarah Nur Asriani and Achmad Rendi Titaley made sunblocks from jackfruit seed starch. They participated in the Student Creativity Program (PKM) 2019 entitled "Sunbikala: Sunblock of Jackfruit Seeds and Coconut Oil O/W Emulsion as Local Resource-Based Innovations.” This study was guided by Dr. Dimas Andrianto from the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), IPB University.

"This study aims to obtain cream from jackfruit seed starch and coconut oil as natural sunscreen products. We also tested its effectiveness from protecting cells from ultraviolet radiation. In addition to jackfruit seeds, coconut oil is used as an emulsifier for making sunscreen creams. The content of lauric acid and tocopherol in coconut oil can act as antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. In addition, virgin coconut oil can also be used as a moisturizer that is suitable to be applied to the skin of Asians, especially the skin of Indonesian people," said Lidia, the Team Leader.

According to Lidia, people who move outdoors and are exposed to light UV will be protected by the use of this sunscreen cream. In addition, in the beauty industry, this cream can be used as an innovation in sunscreen products that utilize local resources.

“And for the coconut farmers, the harvest can be utilized to make this sunscreen,” she explained.

The research shows that jackfruit seed has activity as ultraviolet anti-radiation. It is proved by the increasing Sun Protector Factor (SPF) of this Sunbikala sunscreen with the addition of the seed. Cream with 25 percent jackfruit seed content has the highest SPF value of 9.34. While creams without jackfruit seeds contain SPF 0.09.

"Meanwhile, 15 percent cream with titanium dioxide as a positive control only has SPF 5.02. Sunbikala sunscreen cream also has advantages as an antioxidant activity,” she said.

Published Date : 17-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Lidia Amelia, Sarah Nur Asriani dan Achmad Rendi Titaley

Keyword : sunscreen cream, jackfruit seed, coconut oil, student innovation, IPB University, PKM 2019