IPB University Students Create "Tag In Drink" Diet Drinks

Five IPB University students develop healthy drinks suitable for the "Tag In Drink" diet. This fitofarma drink is made from a combination of fruit and herbs by Anjas Aji Prayogo, Deni Prihanto, Alex Sander, Fahirah Dwiyuni and Intan Delia. The five of them are members of the Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKM-K).

According to Anjas regular consumption of phytopharma drinks can improve the health of the body, facilitate digestion, and can be used as a diet drink. Anthocyanin and antioxidant substances that are high in fruit and herbs can provide protection due to aging such as heart symptoms and diabetes.

"We have a huge herbal potential of the archipelago but the Indonesian public health index is low. So there needs to be an innovation that is engaged in the use of herbs. Tag In Drink is an innovation of phytopharma drinks that are rich in flavor, fiber, and nutrition that have a unique taste, "he said.

Some IPB University students and the public do not like vegetables that are eaten immediately. Then the Tag In Drink drink is the solution because it is rich in nutrients, produced from natural fruit and vegetable extracts without preservatives and safe for the body. Tag In Drink is sold at Rp. 10,000 with attractive and unique packaging measuring 250 milliliters.

Anjas added, Tag In Drink has three variants, namely Jusela, Raimon, and Simon. Jusela variant is a combination of guava with roselle. This mixture when consumed regularly can improve body health due to an increase in antibody substances. The anthocyanin and antioxidant content that is high in the rosella flower can provide protection due to aging. Rosella flowers also contain potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin D which can prevent bone loss. Guava can reduce hypertension due to hypoglycemic and fiber content. Fiber content is useful in reducing cholesterol levels and improving the digestive system.

"We hope that in the future business development will be carried out in collaboration with farmers in the Bogor region in meeting the raw material requirements for fruits. This is expected to increase farmers' income and living standards. Tag In Drink products will be included in various entrepreneurial and bazaar exhibitions so that many people know and are interested in phytopharma drinks, "he said. (NR)

Published Date : 08-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Anjas Aji Prayogo, Deni Prihanto, Alex Sander, Fahirah Dwiyuni dan Intan Delia

Keyword : Tag In Drink, Fitofarma drink, PKM-K, IPB University