IPB University Students Create Blutanide, Antiseptic from Eel Mucus and Banana Peel

Five IPB University Students made an innovation in the form of wound-healing cream by utilizing eel mucus and banana peel. This innovation is named Blutanide. The students are Futiha Hikmatul Husna, Neng Sinta Noveria Aska, Eka Apriyanti Safitri, Olin Aulia Yunia and Muhammad Surya Fadhlurrohman, who are advised by Dr. Laksmi Ambarsari, M.Si. This innovation is included in Student Creativity Program in Entrepreneurship (PKM K).

According to the previous studies, eel mucus has been known to have wound-healing effect. The glycoprotein, lectin, hemagglutinin, and hemolysin content in eel mucus have angiogenesis and antimicrobial factors, which make it effective in healing wounds. Banana peel has active substance to act as an antibacterial agent, which can kill bacteria on wound site. Flavonoid and fenolic compounds have bioactive compounds which display useful activities, such as antioxidant, antidermatosis, chemopreventive, anticancer, and antiviral.

Eel mucus and banana peel’s potential to heal wounds is really big, but the utilization is not yet optimized. Because of that, better utilization is needed. “‘Blutadine’ is a cream product made by eel mucus and banana peel extracts as a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to heal wounds as well as eliminating scars,” said the leader of the group, Futiha Hikmatul Husna.

The expected output of this program is to create a healing drug product and scar healing agent by utilizing eel mucus and banana peel waste, providing affordable drug for skin, extend the production and marketing area for Blutadine, and to create employment based on small medium enterprises (UKM), so in the end Blutadine will reduce unemployment.

Futiha explained the advantages of this program, which are to get profit from selling Blutadine, to provide Blutadine to people with affordable price, to utilize waste as herbal medicine, and to help government’s programs to improve the overall health of people, by maintaining their skin’s health. (Ard)

Published Date : 08-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Futiha Hikmatul Husna, Neng Sinta Noveria Aska, Eka Apriyanti Safitri, Olin Aulia Yunia dan Muhammad Surya Fadhlurrohman

Keyword : Blutadine, banana peel, eel mucus, PKM K, IPB University, wound healing