IPB University Review the System Tracer and User Study to Be More Effective and Efficient

Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia got a mandate from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenristekdikti RI) to conduct a tracer study. The data will be useful for many purposes, especially for accreditation.

The Directorate of Partnership and Alumni Relations (DKHA) IPB University held “Tracer and User Study Workshop”, Thursday (18/7) in Taman Kencana Campus, IPB University. It was done to perfect the existing tracer and user study data, so there would be uniformity of data that will be compiled from the graduates.

Vice Rector for Cooperation and Information Systems at IPB University, Prof. Dodik R. Nurrochmat said that the preparation of tracer data and user study at IPB had been done for quite a long time. "But there are still fundamental weaknesses in which the data obtained from each of the tracer data units is different. This cannot be compared to one another. In addition, it is not in accordance with the needs of accreditation. Through this workshop, I hope that a single template will be created so that departments and faculties add data according to their needs. With this workshop the best formula will be sought," said Prof. Dodik.

The tracer and user study data is needed by international cooperation which wants to hire young professionals to work in their companies. "However, this is a dilemma, causing the best people to work abroad. Of course this also needs to be limited. In conducting a tracer and user study it can also do so when activities involve alumni. Such strategies and timings are very important to improve the performance of our graduates to be better. This is important as part of the academic reputation, so that users if they want graduate reputation data, we can give it because it already exists. If the results are not good the sample can be added," said Prof. Dodik.

In the occasion, IPB University invited Ir. Ahmad Syafiq, M.Sc, PhD, the Head of Tracer Study Division, University of Indonesia (UI), as a speaker. He conveyed, “Tracer studies are growing increasingly complex. The global level is experiencing remarkable progress. Alumni are increasingly evenly distributed in all universities. Some quality dimensions of tracer study are methodologies regarding their measurements and representations, the standards must be clear and precise. In addition, the relevance of the results is used or not. Also the purpose must be clear, the graduate database, complete and updated. Complete information is better. The questionnaire needs to be tested. It must be documented.”

The Director of KHA IPB University, Dr. Heti Mulyati said that the objective of this workshop was discussing tracer and user study content. “Besides, we are currently making an integrated system. We hope that it could be a good feedback for IPB’s improvement in the future,” said Dr. Heti

Head of Sub Directorate of Alumni Relations, Adelyna, S.TP, M.M. said that this tracer and user study was one indicator of student assessment for the ranking of universities. "The better the performance tracer study, the better the ranking of our institution is expected," Adelyna explained.

Also presenting were the Director of Information Systems and Digital Transformation, IPB University, Ir. Julio Adisantoso, M.Kom, he discussed the development of the IPB University Alumni Information system.

Published Date : 20-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dodik R. Nurrochmat

Keyword : IPB alumni tracer study, IPB University