IPB University Introduces Cultivation Technique for Stingless Bee in Kuningan

As one of the forms of community devotion, The Institute for Research and Community Development (LPPM) IPB University does the Thematic Real Work Lecture Program (KKN-T) in Kuningan. A group of students and their supervising lecturers were present in Sagarahiang The village, Darma Regency, Kuningan introduced stingless bee cultivation techniques, (13/7). This activity was a product of a partnership between the local government of Sagarahiang Village and Mount Ciremai National Park (BTNGC).

According to Arzyana, a lecturer from the Department of Forest Resource Conservation and Ecotourism Faculty of Forestry IPB University, referencing to the regulation on spatial planning for Kuningan Regency 2011-2031 which is to create a Conservation Regency Based on Competitive Agriculture and Tourism felt that it was important to develop values of environmental services in the Mount Ciremai National Park (TNGC) area as the heart of the forest conservation in the regency.

“We feel that cultivation of stingless bee can answer the challenge. The reason is that stingless bees are easy to cultivate and adaptable and friendly to humans, the feedstock of these bees are abundant, and the stock of bamboo as the cultivation media is also abundant, pollinators of the horticulture plant the green onion, chilies, and cabbage (superior commodity of Sagarahiang Village), the level of welfare of the community of the Sagarahiang Village is classified as pre-prosperous and is still at the number 33,20 percent and is in harmony with the agricultural a program that is developed by TNGC in its supporting villages,” he explained.

n this event, participants get cultivation material and direct practice in the field. The training materials provided where the empowerment of buffer village communities through beekeeping, learning of the development of honey bee business by Dadan, TNGC Forestry Police and key material on Stingless Bee Cultivation Technique by Septiantina Dyah Riendriasari S.Hut, Research Center for Education and Training (Pusdiklat ) Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

"The main target of this activity is that the people of Sagarahiang Village can practice appropriate stingless beekeeping, so as to create high economic value business opportunities. The output of activities is to increase the income and welfare of the people around TNGC and the realization of the role of TNGC as a role model in the development of healthy agriculture. "These two outcomes are an integration of the actual function of the conservation area," he added.

Meanwhile, on this occasion Septiantina Dyah Riendriasari is optimistic that this program will succeed because the potential of feed and cultivation media is quite widely available in the Sagarahiang Village environment. (AVR)

Published Date : 16-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arzyana

Keyword : Stingless Bee, KKN-T 2019, IPB University, Mount Ciremai National Park (TNGC)