IPB University in Collaboration with UB and Unsri Discusses Management of Innovation and Business in Higher Education

Vice Rector for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship at IPB University, Prof. Dr. Erika Laconi conveyed innovation products founded by IPB University researchers in the Innovation and Business Management Sharing Forum in Higher Education, Monday (24/6) at Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Malang. "IPB University has produced various innovations that have been commercialized in 15 Serambi Botani outlets spread across Indonesia. People can can buy the products directly there. This innovation is a form of IPB University's contribution in national development, especially in agriculture," said Prof. Erika.

Vice Rector for General and Financial Affairs at Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Drs. Gugus Irianto explained about the history of the UB Business Management Agency (BPU) establishment in 2016 with the issuance of Rector Regulation No. 40/2016 concerning UB Business Management Agency (BPU) and Rector Regulation No. 62/2016 concerning Organizational Structure of Business Entities and Business Units in UB. "These regulations are a description of the mandate of Permenristekdikti No. 4/2016 which is a reference for the management of the UB Academic Business Agency (BUA) and its units," explained Prof. Gugus.

The role of BUA is to support the implementation and optimization of the acquisition of UB's funding sources in the application of financial management of public service agency through academic business units. This is an effort to explore and develop various potentials owned by UB that prioritize the principles of good corporate governance.

BUA consists of several academic business units as follows: Agro Technopark, Brawijaya Smart School, Essential Oil Institute, Bioscience Institute, Kepuharjo Integrated Field Laboratory, UB Forest, UB Press, UB TV and Radio, and Language Development Unit. "We learn from IPB about managing the business," Prof. Group.

On this occasion, Prof. Erika accompanied by the Directorate of Business and Entrepreneurship Development Team of IPB University visited business units managed by UB. "This activity is expected to strengthen the relationship between universities and to open cooperation and expand knowledge related to business management in their respective universities," explained Prof. Erika.

Also attending the discussion forum were officials from IPB University, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) and Universitas Sriwijaya (Unsri). (dh/ris/zsp)

Published Date : 01-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Erika Laconi

Keyword : Sharing Forum, Innovation and Business Management