IPB University Holds Agricultural Innovation Exhibition in Tegal

IPB University in collaboration with the Government of Tegal Regency conducted an Agricultural Innovation Exhibition in order to show the results of the Thematic Community Service (KKN-T) activities in 2019. The event carried the theme "Inspiring through Indonesian Children's Innovation" and was held at the Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of Agriculture Clinic, Tuwel Village, Bojong District, Tegal Regency, (29/7).

Deputy Regent of Tegal Regency, Sabilillah Ardie in his speech said that the presence of innovation in the agricultural sector has a very important role in facing a number of challenges in agriculture such as climate change anomalies, limited agricultural human resources (HR), reduced area of agricultural land, sustainable food, environmental damage due to the use of excessive chemical fertilizers that makes the soil infertile, and the difficulty of finding young workers who have passion in agriculture. Thus, the objective of this agricultural innovation exhibition was to increase the knowledge and skills of Tegal community in processing agricultural products.

"I hope that agricultural innovation as an intellectual work of agriculture is able to inspire, motivate, and encourage our farming community so that a creative ecosystem through the growth of entrepreneurship in agriculture could be established. This is also encouraged by the existence of institutional support ranging from farmer groups to village governments that capture opportunities for an increasingly dynamic market economy," he said.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion the Deputy Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of IPB University in the field of Community Service, Prof. Dr. Sugeng Heri Suseno expressed his gratitude to the community who had welcomed the IPB University KKN-T students and provided shelter for them. Collaboration on the pentahelix model which includes the government, the community, private partners, universities and the media was expected to support the development success, especially in Tegal Regency.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta) of IPB University, Dr. Suwardi. According to him, the presence of IPB University KKN-T students in Tegal Regency could provide benefits not only to the community but also to the students themselves.

"KKN-T will continue to be conducted for the coming years. We will explore more about what can be cooperated and be given by students. We will also share the results of IPB University's innovation to be applied in Tegal Regency. In addition, we hope that Tegal people could actively inform IPB University once there are plant pests and diseases that are urgent to be overcome," he said.

The Agricultural Innovation Exhibition was attended by the Director of Innovation and Intellectual Property of IPB University, Dr. Syarifah Iis Aisyah; Representative of the Dean of the IPB University Business School, Dr. Hartoyo; Secretary of Bappeda and R&D of Tegal Regency; Head of Agriculture and Food Security Office of Tegal Regency; Head of Bojong Sub-District; Head of Bumijawa Sub-District; Head of Jatinegara Sub-District; Regional Coordinator Lecturer of Tegal KKN-T; Field Supervisor (DPL) of Tegal KKN-T; Plant Clinic Team; Tegal KKN-T students; and the local community. (WD/Awl/Zul/zsp)

Published Date : 31-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Sabilillah Ardie, Prof Dr Sugeng Heri Suseno, Dr Suwardi

Keyword : KKN-T 2019, Tegal Regency, Agricultural Innovation Exhibition, IPB University, LPPM of IPB University