IPB Students Conduct Social Mapping in the Villages within IPB University Campus Circle

The Student Executive Board (BEM KM) of IPB University in collaboration with the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) and the Department of Science Communication and Community Development, Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) has been conducting a social mapping of the villages surrounding IPB University campus. This activity aims to map various potentials and problems that exist in the village areas. The results of this activity will be in the form of a database that can be used as a reference for the activities of IPB University in the said villages.

BEM KM is holding a social mapping activity in Dramaga Sub-district, Ciampea Sub-district, and West Bogor Sub-district using participatory social mapping method and quantitative data analysis from village potential data. Especially in four villages, namely Ciherang Village, Cihideung Udik Village, Situ Gede Village, and Purwasari Village, mapping is carried out by conducting censuses in all citizens associations (RWs). These four villages are planned to be the pilot villages for student project activities. About twelve Student Organizations (Ormawa) will later join assisted village projects led by BEM KM and LPPM.

"We have made coordination with the Community and Village Empowerment Service of Bogor Regency and have received a recommendation letter from the National and Political Unity Unit to carry out social mapping activities. There are five student organizations that will join this project coupled with LPPM and the Department of Science for Communication and Community Development," said Fadil as the person in charge of the social mapping activities.

So far the social mapping activities have reached the initial stage of the program. Permission from the Bogor Regency government has been issued. In addition, the BEM KM has also given notification letters to the sub-district and village parties in order to socialize the activities with the hope that all components can work together. A good database will be the basis for making effective activity programs that are needed by the community.

IPB University is a campus that upholds the value of the tridharma of higher education, especially in the field of service. There are hundreds of student organizations and institution community engaged in the field of service. In addition to national service activities, IPB University also has local scope empowerment activities in the villages closest to the IPB University campus. The LPPM of IPB determines the villages around the campus as a focus area for IPB community service.

The IPB campus circle villages which are the focused areas for community empowerment activities by the IPB University are divided into 18 villages in three sub-districts, namely ten villages in Dramaga Sub-district, four villages in Ciampea Sub-district and four villages in West Bogor sub-district. Various research and service activities are carried out in this region. Various breakthroughs are made to improve the quality of the IPB University activities in the villages. (*/ris/zsp)

Published Date : 31-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Fadil

Keyword : BEM KM of IPB, LPPM of IPB, social mapping, villages surrounding IPB University campus