IPB Promotes Its Innovation to Palm Oil Companies

IPB University is again promoting agricultural innovation to a number of oil palm companies in Indonesia.  This time, the fruit of the work being promoted is "Precipalm."

Precipalm is a system that provides recommendations for fertilizing Potassium Nitrogen Phosphate (NPK) in oil palm plants through the image of leaves.  With mathematical modeling that utilizes color bands on satellite imagery, oil palm farmers can find out the level of soil and plant fertility.

Chancellor of IPB University, Dr.  Arif Satria said he was happy because the innovations created by IPB University attracted many companies.  "I'm happy, because the more partners that utilize IPB University's innovations, the better.  It means that the innovations that have been produced by IPB University have added value that we can embed to our partners, so that some technological innovations from IPB University can be utilized for the advancement of the agricultural industry, "Dr.  Arif in his remarks during the exploration of the precision farming application cooperation, Tuesday (2/7) in the Faculty of Agriculture Technology Meeting Room, Dramaga Campus, Bogor.

Precipalm Technology, continued Dr.  Arif, not only for PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN), but for private companies and the general public.  This is because Precipalm technology can save fertilizer costs on oil palm around 10-15 percent.

"If we can save fertilizer by 10 to 15 percent, the cost of fertilizer can be reduced by 400 billion rupiah, this figure is quite large.  The key is fertilizer, if fertilizer stops, already, nutrients for plants do not exist, "he added.

Regarding the development of technology 4.0, Dr.  Arif warned that Indonesia should not miss Africa.

"Technology 4.0 has long been applied in various places in Africa.  Africa is currently the target for the development of 4.0 technology to the point where world attention is focused on Africa.  If we slow down a little in innovating technology in Indonesia, we will miss it from Africa, "said Dr.  Wise.

In addition to developing Precipalm technology, IPB University is currently developing integrated smart pest management technology, seeding technology, fertilization, and monitoring of plantations.

With the joining of PT.  Solusi Mitra Andalan and PT.  Eagle High Plantation with IPB University, Dr.  Arif hopes that more agricultural technology innovations will be produced.  On the other hand, with the joining of companies with academics, the resulting innovation is more in line with the needs in the field.

"With the joining of the business world, the innovations produced on this campus are not mediocre, but become extraordinary and more effective.  Because the idea of ??innovation from the business world is based on existing problems in the field, whereas if it is from campus, the idea is usually imagination, so that the innovations produced are sometimes not in accordance with the needs in the field, "concluded Dr.  Arif. (RA / ris)

Published Date : 09-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB University, Precipalm, Palm Oil, Potassium Phosphate Nitrogen