Incubie IPB University Exhibits Its Products in Manila

In the 2nd Annual ABINet Meeting and Product Exhibition in Manila, Philippines, last June, there were 30 incubators and 30 startups from 10 ASEAN countries who participated in this event.  One of them is IncuBie from the Directorate of Science Technology Area and Business Incubator (DKSTIB) IPB University.

"Incubie is present with BIKI tenants, namely various chitosan and Mangano tenant-based derivative products," said Deva Primadia Almada, Head of the Sub-Directorate of Business Incubator.

In this meeting, Deva had the opportunity to present the Development of the ABINet Website for the Incubator data base in ASEAN which is one of the outputs of the 2018-2020 ABINet Program. The ASEAN Business Incubator Network (ABINet) was launched in Bogor in 2013 initiated by the Association  Indonesian Business Incubator (AIBI), Cooperatives and SMEs, ASEAN, JAIF and 21 Business Incubators from 10 ASEAN Member States (AMS) as founding members, one of which is IncuBie IPB University.

"The purpose of developing this data base is to strengthen the development of incubators and startups in the ASEAN region by providing a database and information that can be used for various programs in the incubation process.  In addition, this data base contributes to the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) in increasing startup growth by accessing data and information, "he said.

This meeting sets out the mechanism for forming the organization and the ABINet secretariat, selecting the Chairperson / President of the ABINet and preparing proposals for further activities to JAIF and ASEAN.

Meanwhile, the Product Exhibition which was held in conjunction with the National Science Technology Week Exhibition (NSTW) was opened by the Minister of Research and Technology of the Philippines.  This annual exhibition is attended by various industries, startups and stakeholders in the Philippines as well as abroad.

"On this occasion tenants also had the opportunity to visit the trade attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in the Philippines in Manila, which will help market products from Indonesia, including Kitokit and Mangano.  Through this ABINet program and activities it is expected that networking and cooperation between incubators and startups in the ASEAN region in incubation activities can be established and developed and provide benefits for all incubators in AMS, including one of them IncuBie IPB University, "he said.  (** / Zul)

Published Date : 26-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Deva Primadia Almada

Keyword : Incubie, ABINet Meeting, Kitokit, Mangano, IPB University