Foreign Students from 14 Countries Join the Summer Course in the ESL Department

The Department of Resource and Environmental Economics (ESL) of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) of IPB University received 51 foreign students from 14 countries who were conducting a summer course.  One of the summer course activities was a site visit to the Bogor Agricultural Museum, (5/7).

According to the Chair of the ESL Department, Dr. Ir Ahyar Ismail, this site visit is in accordance with the theme of the summer course, namely the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and natural resources.  In addition to the museum, the summer course students will also visit the Mekar Sari fruit garden.

"In this summer course we provide activities such as guest lectures, games such as ecofunopolly, waste management and carbon emissions," he said.

The hope is that there will be a transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences among students between countries.  For IPL University ESL students, this activity can be a means for students to develop international competencies such as communication, team work, and international networking.

"We appreciate the IPB University for setting a summer course as a course, so students also get a Semester Credit Unit (SKS) from the summer couse.  "It is expected that this summer course can be held regularly every year," he said.

Meanwhile Secretary of the ESL Department, Dr. Ir Meti Ekayani, S.Hut, M.Sc said that this site visit aims to integrate natural resources with tourism.  According to him, the Agriculture Museum is a good destination, relatively new and provides knowledge to foreign students about the history of agriculture to modern agriculture in Indonesia.

The Agriculture Museum itself has the concept of Educational Tourism with the theme "Starting from the Past, Stepping Into the Future".  This means that the museum is present to provide information on the history of the struggle and development of the nation's agriculture from the past to the present.

"The concept offered by this museum is to link the history of agriculture and civilization in the past, present and future in accordance with the theme Connecting The Past to The Future," said Head of the Center for Library and Spread of Agricultural Technology, Dr.Ir.  Leli Nuryati as well as the person in charge of the Agriculture Museum.

The museum, which was opened last April, has the main goal of increasing public interest and concern, especially the younger generation towards agriculture.  This museum is expected to be able to present new historical learning that is not tedious.  So that the younger generation is interested in knowing the history of the nation's agriculture.

In this Summer Course, the ESL Department collaborated with the Forest Management Department of the Faculty of Forestry, IPB University and the Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (AIESEC) at IPB University.  AIESEC is an international organization of young people who help develop leadership potential, which has helped contribute to IPB University in terms of student exchanges through incoming and outgoing global volunteer programs.  (dh / zul)

Published Date : 09-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Dr Ir Ahyar Ismail

Keyword : Summer Course, foreign students, Bogor Agricultural Museum, IPB University