Eight International Students Teach Kindergarten Students to Sort Trashes in IPB University

Eight international students from five countries visited Agriananda Kindergarten, IPB University, Dramaga Campus, Bogor (22/7) in regards of environmental-focused project. The students are from Spain, India, Mexico, Belgium, and Vietnam. They socialized the importance of sorting trash in a correct manner.

The foreign student encouraged kindergarten children to learn and practice throwing garbage in its proper place. In addition to learning to dispose of garbage accordingly, children are also taught to sort organic and inorganic waste.

According to the Principal of Agriananda Kindergarten, Aprilia Puspita, S.Si, solid waste management can actually be started in early childhood, such as learning to throw garbage accordingly. For this reason, the international students visit is appropriate to be done.

“Gradually we can introduce the children about inorganic and organic waste, so that children will know where to dispose it correctly,” she said.

She added that it is important for the adults to give a correct example so the children can imitate it. One of the ways is to sort the trash before disposing it.

"Because Agriananda Kindergarten is based on character, we want the character values to be inherent in children. It includes the everyday things they do, such as disposing garbage properly in its place," he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Agriananda Committee of IPB University, Naraini Putri Kurata Ayuni, S.Pi said that environmental education for children in waste management is still lacking. Education about clean and healthy life should have been given to children from an early age.

“We see there is little material of environmental education regarding more creative and entertaining waste management for kindergarten children. So with an eco-friendly concept that is applied in the form of daily activities, it will be more interesting for children to learn about the environment, especially waste management," she said

Published Date : 23-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Aprilia Puspita, S.Si

Keyword : waste management, international students, Agriananda Kindergarten, IPB University, organic and inorganic waste