Dean of Vocational School IPB University Shares Knowledge on Contract Animal Farming Businessess

Dr. Ir. Arief Daryanto, Mec, The dan of the Vocational School IPB University conveyed the driving factors of competitveness in animal farming businessess especially those of poultry. “Those factors are: First a condusive investation climate; second, large scale companies integrated with good management, modern equipment, innovative and in accordance with the demand of the market; third, modern cold chain infrastructure since the commodities and poultry products are easily perishable; fourth, the presence of strong support of an abundance in corn production and local soybeans with excellent quality; fifth, the presence of contract farming which benefits both the large scale company and the plasma. Therefore, contract farming in the poultry industry is an essential necessity,” explained Dr. Arief as the speaker in the ‘Animal Contract Farming Meeting’ Monday (24/6), at the Hotel Savana Malang. This event was held by the East Java Agency in means of increasing the quality of the management of the Animal Contract Farming based on the principles of mutual benefits, strengthening, benefits, respect, responsibility, and dependency.

Furthermore, Dr. Arief said that the poultry business is a necessity in this industry due to the industry’s vunerability and sensitivity towards change in input and output prices. “Contract farming is a farmer’s strategy in adapting and mitigating towards the risks that may occur.”

According to Dr. Arief, the success of a partnership or contract farming depends on many factors such as mutual trust, guarantee of production and prices, economies of scale, decreasing the transactional costs, risk sharing, acess towards credit and finance, availability of input, counseling and new technologies, timely inputs and payment, and incentive for quality, price and efficiency.

The Animal Contract Farming Meeting 2019 was opened by the Head of the East Java Animal Farming Agency, Drh. Wemmy Niamawati, MMA was participated by more than 100 plasma animal farmers and their core and presented speakers such as those from the Directorate of Animal Farming and Animal Health Kementan, KPPU East Java, TP Chareon Pokphand Indonesia and PT Santori. (AVR)

Published Date : 09-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Ir. Arief Daryanto, MEc

Keyword : Dr. Ir. Arief Daryanto, Vocational School IPB University