A total of 12 IPB University Students Will Serve in Kopo Village

IPB University students who are members of the IPB Mengajar organization will hold a flagship program called Education Week in School (Edelweis).

This program has been going on for eight generations.  For Edelweis in 2019, there are 12 Inspirational Teachers selected as dedicators of primary school education at Malasari 4 Elementary School, Kampung Kopo.

The inauguration of Inspirational Teachers VIII was held in Kampung Kopo (14/7) attended by the Principal of Malasari 04 Elementary School, a representative of the Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM KM) of IPB University and a resident of Kampo Kopo.

"I feel optimistic.  Even though elementary school education (in Kampung Kopo) is still not as advanced as urban, at least gradually it will definitely be able to advance, especially with the presence of IPB Mengajar, "Wahroji said, as the Principal of Malasari 04 Elementary School.

Activities carried out in the Edelweis program are After School, Home Visit, Teacher Forum, Parent Forum, Class Inspiration, Farm on School, AgriEdu and Children's Festival.  The activity was carried out in stages and involved Inspiring Teachers with elementary school students.

Edelweis itself is a distinctive feature of IPB Mengajar and is an opportunity for students to taste the dynamics of educational service in a real way in society.  Through Edelweis, empathy, team work, solidarity and student leadership can be trained.

"IPB Mengajar is currently carrying out a cabinet called Mentari Pagi.  The hope is like a morning light that is able to provide enthusiasm for Indonesian education at this time.  Likewise with this cabinet to have the principle of courage in giving light to Indonesian education, "said Irfan Nugraha, as Director of IPB Teaching the Morning Star Cabinet. (** / Zul)

Published Date : 23-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Wahroji

Keyword : IPB Teaching, Edelweis, Community Service, IPB University