Launching of Total 19 IPB Summer Courses 2019

IPB University proudly presents the grand news on the launching of this year’s summer courses. This year, total 19 events are going to be held throughout April-October 2019 (which details of the complete list can be referred to the following link: Various faculties and departments are earnestly pleased to act as organizer of these events whose focus emphasizing on myriad options of scientific fields. By far, there have been four (4) summer courses held fruitfully, namely “Improving the Sustainability of Tropical Animal Production” (April 7th-12th, by IPB Vocational School), “Community Participation in Indonesia Creative Economy: Development of Local Tourism” (May 2nd-31st, by IPB Department of Economics), “Tempe: Indonesia Cultural Heritage for the World” (June 15th-22nd, by IPB Department of Food Science & Technology) and “Tropical Forest Ecosystem” (June 24th-July 5th, by IPB Faculty of Forestry).


Meanwhile, there are still 15 summer courses to hold throughout July until October 2019. On July, seven (7) programs will be conducted, namely: “Sustainable Agroindustry: Adding Values to Local Commodities in Rural Areas” (July 7th-21st, by IPB Department of Agroindustrial Engineering), “Indigenous Fish Processing in Asia” (July 13th-21st, by IPB Department of Aquatic Product Technology), “Green Concept of Local Heritage Animal Production and Technology to Ensure Environment Sustainability and Global Partnership” (July 15th-24th, by IPB Department of Animal Production & Technology), “Exotic Tropical Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology” (July 21st-31st, by IPB Department of Nutrition & Feed Technology), “The Sixth International Joint Summer Course: Exploring Tropical Biodiversity from Mountain to the Sea” (July 25th-August 3rd, by IPB Aquatic Resources Management), “Family Life Among Agricultural Families in Indonesia” (July 28th-August 7th, by IPB Department of Family & Consumer Science), and “SDGs and NRM Certification: Summer Course on Applied Sciences for Prospect Auditors” (July 31st-August 8th, by IPB Department of Resources & Environmental Economics). Meanwhile, in the following month—August, total six (6) programs are scheduled. There are “International Summer Course on Marine Natural Products” (August 7th-14th, by IPB Department of Chemistry), “Understanding, Protecting/Rehabilitating & Sustainable Use of Indonesian Marine Biodiversity” (August 8th-12th, by IPB Faculty of Fisheries & Marine Sciences), “Green Technology for Sustainable Tropical Agriculture” (August 12th-21st, by IPB Department of Mechanical & Biosystems Engineering), “Summer Course on Sustainable Tropical Agriculture” (August 12th-23rd, by IPB Faculty of Agriculture), “Maternal and Child Nutrition Program in Indonesia: The First 1000 days of Life” (August 19th-23rd, by IPB Department of Community Nutrition) and “Sustainable Agrifood Management in Indonesia (SAMI)” (August 19th-28th, by IPB Department of Management). Last but definitely not least, there are other 2 (two) summer courses remained during September and October, namely “Data Mining on Air Pollution Modelling as Impacts of Forest Fires (MAPFire)” (September 26th-October 4th, by IPB Department of Computer Science) and “The Bio-Geology of Belitong Geoparks” (October 23rd-29th, by IPB Department of Biology), respectively. IPB is verily looking forward to hold the exchange of knowledge through the aforementioned events and cordially inviting academia from all over the world to participate.

Published Date : 25-Jun-2019

Resource Person : IPB University

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