IPB University Strengthens Disaster-Resilient Villages (“Destana”) in KKNT 2019

Approaching the execution of Themed Community Service (KKNT) 2019, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), IPB University (IPB) helda training to strengthen the subject regarding natural disaster. This program was initiated by FPIK and Disaster Study Center, Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB and was fully supported by National Body of Disaster Management (BNPB). On that occasion, the training was given to the facilitators and field lecturers in achieving disaster-resilient villages.

There were seven matters discussed in the training, which was held on FPIK Auditorium, IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (11-13/6). The matters were disaster risk management, participatory disaster risk study, inclusive early warning system development, creation of evacuation plan, creation of village contingency plan, formation of Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB) volunteers forum, and creation of disaster risk reduction plan.

The training, which was opened by Dr. Lilik Kurniawan, Director of Community Empowerment BNPB, presented two speakers; Dr. E.T. Paripurno and Sumino. The participants of this event were lecturers of FPIK IPB.

Dr. Taryono, Coordinator of Field Facilitators (DPL) of KKNT from FPIK IPB said that this event was necessary due to the vulnerability of the faculty's KKNT destinations against natural disaster. Such effort is needed to increase capacity and awareness of FPIK teaching staffs, especially DPL KKNT FPIK 2019, about disaster management on coastal area to support "Destana Pesisir".

"This training is important to improve DPL's capacity to guide students participating in KKNT 2019 and to improve the awareness and capacity of coastal disaster mitigation. During this KKNT, FPIK will send students to Pandeglang, Sukabumi, and Cirebon, all of which have high potential of disaster," he said.

In line with that, Head of Disaster Study Center, Dr. Yonvitner said that the tsunami happened on 2018 in Sunda Strait (Pandeglang Regency), which caused massive human and environment casualties, was an alarm to improve our adaptation ability. With this training, at least KKNT field facilitators on coastal area could start with introduction of risks of disasters in KKNT destinations.

"So that mitigation efforts could be consistently carried out with the strengthened capacity of both lecturers and students," he added.

The event, which was a form of agreement of cooperation between IPB Rector and Head of BPNB, March 19 2019, will be improved gradually until to the extent of students' capacity in supporting disaster-resilient villages. In the future, the program will be improved by involving all of KKNT participants before they are deployed to the destinations. (Ard)

Published Date : 17-Jun-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Lilik Kurniawan, Dr. ET Paripurno dan Sumino

Keyword : Disaster Study Center, disasters, coast, FPIK lecturers, IPB University, KKN 2019, mitigation, disaster risks