IPB Gives Aliment for 1,700 Orphans and Dhuafa Children

IPB University again provided aliment to 1,700 orphans and poor people aged 3-15 years from 17 Desa/Kelurahan Lingkar Kampus and sons and daughters of IPB employees. This routine activity carried out every holy month of Ramadan is held at Al Hurriyyah Mosque, Bogor Dramaga Campus, Saturday (5/25).

Rector of IPB, Dr. Arif Satria is grateful that this year the number of recipients of compensation has increased compared to last year. Last year, IPB provided compensation in the form of money and gifts to 1,500 orphans and poor people. This year not only did the number of orphans and poor people receive compensation, but the nominal value of compensation also increased. "The source of funds for this compensation activity comes from the infaq of IPB residents with a total fund raised of almost 590 million rupiah," he said.

Aside from being a friendship facility with residents from 17 villages/kelurahan assisted by IPB, this activity is also one of the implementations of the IPB Social Share program for disadvantaged communities. Rector of IPB explained that this activity showed the concern of IPB to continue to provide benefits to the surrounding residents because IPB was owned by the citizens of Bogor and especially the property of the local residents as part of a form of great commitment.

"This program does not stop here, IPB will develop a mentoring program for orphans around the campus," he said.

IPB does not only carry out social activities but also has the aim of strengthening aspects of human quality with alternative education patterns so that human resources that have better character and soft skills will grow.

"IPB has Agriananda schools and character education labs, so that the community around the campus can feel the patterns of alternative education available at IPB," he added.

In this event, IPB presented Islamic storytellers Sis Iki Yosan and IPB students who presented innovative food products from hongkong caterpillar ingredients which were processed into abon ready to eat with various variants of spiciness with the product name ‘MeFu’ (furikake mealworm). MeFu is the result of research by IPB students who qualify as champions in the national entrepreneurship competition for students. The event ended with the provision of compensation for orphans and poor people by the Chancellor and all the leaders present. (RYS)

Published Date : 01-Jun-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : compensation for orphans and poor people, Mefu, student innovation, village around the campus of IPB, assistance for orphans