IPB Holds Study Program Accreditation Preparation Workshop using IAPS 4.0

IPB University through the Office of Quality Management and Internal Audit held a Workshop on Preparation of Study Program Accreditation Forms using IAPS 4.0, Monday (29/4). This workshop was held as a follow-up to the enactment of the Study Program Accreditation Instrument (IAPS) 4.0 by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT). This instrument is designed as an instrument of accreditation that is relevant to the development of the education sector in Indonesia and follows global developments. The event was attended by chairpersons, secretaries, or representatives of study programs and faculties in IPB.

Rector of IPB, Dr. Arif Satria said that this socialization was the first in IPB regarding this new instrument. "I and the rectors of various universities have struggled how to make accreditation simpler, even though the reality of the seven existing standards is now nine, making it complicated. Among what we are fighting for is that study programs that have received international accreditation recognized by higher education do not need national accreditation so that it will be easier. Internally, I request the Head of the Office of Quality Management and Internal Audit to consolidate the data system for accreditation, so that each faculty / study program when accreditation is no longer inputting data, all that is left to do is tug. So that study program managers are not preoccupied with accreditation because the issue of accreditation is a routine five-year problem, but it is quite time-consuming and energy-in" said Dr. Arif.

There are at least five aspects of significant changes to IAPS 4.0. The first proponent of accreditation is a study program management unit not a study program, both IAPS use nine criteria including. The nine criteria are: 1) Vision, mission, goals and strategies, 2) Governance, governance and cooperation, 3) Students, 4) Human resources, 5) Finance, facilities and infrastructure, 6) Education, 7) Research, 8) Community service, and 9) Outcomes and achievements of tridharma. The three IAPS are oriented towards output and outcome. The four IAPS consist of self-evaluation reports and academic performance reports. The five results of accreditation with IAPS 4.0 are stated in the form of accreditation status and accredited rankings.

Dr. Arif explained that IPB would also hold an IPB curriculum workshop that would discuss the curriculum and development of study programs at IPB. "It's time for us to look at and re-check the curriculum that is in us and its compatibility with the current situation both in terms of structure and content. Second is scientific development. Many study programs in IPB are very reliable, IPB is a reference for universities in Indonesia. I hope that the heads of study can continue to explore the challenges of the future and formulate a framework for offers for more attractive programs even though they are not in the form of study programs but can be in the form of concentration or specialization that is easier," he said.

Present as resource persons explained IAPS 4.0, Prof. Lilis Nuraida, Professor of IPB who is an assessor of BAN-PT. Also present were other speakers from BAN-PT, Prof. Sudarsini, MSc. (RYS)

Published Date : 03-May-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : IAPS 4.0, Study Program Accreditation Instrument, Higher Education National Accreditation Agency