IPB Botani Mart A Learning Place for the Importance of Early Planting

Planting is an activity that trains patience and perseverance. This is very appropriate if it can be taught to children as an effort to improve motoric intelligence. In this effort Agroedutourism, Agriananda School, IPB University Logistic Center, and Botany Mart, a business unit under the Directorate of Business and Entrepreneurship Development of IPB University, Saturday (27/4) at the Botani Mart, Bogor Dramaga held a "Greeneration" event with the theme "The Importance of Planting Early". This activity invites kindergarten students to play and learn.

"This Greeneration program is very interesting because it invites kindergarten children to play and learn. Of course this place is perfect for a family vacation spot. Moreover, many who finished the program were still active in Botani Mart such as fishing, feeding fish and rabbits, "said Angga Yudhistira, Manager of Agroedutourism at IPB University.

The enthusiasm of visitors at the Greeneration event was complementary as well as an effort to increase the enthusiasm of the community from the previous farm expo. Moreover the response of the children who were comforted was because there were many children who had just planted for the first time. From there they also learn to know what polybags are, they learn how to move plants from old polybags to bigger new polybags, and other interesting activities.

The excitement of the event was increasingly felt with the joy of the children because at the event there were also games and singing which became entertainment for children. Not to forget, the event was also equipped with several booths such as Child Development Consultation from the Family and Consumer Science Department in collaboration with Agriananda, IPB University Official Merchandise, Agrimart IPB University, fresh fruit and vegetable bazaar, and also clothes and ready to eat food. (NR)

Published Date : 03-May-2019

Resource Person : Angga Yudhistira

Keyword : IPB Botanical Mart, planting early, greeneration, agroedutourism, Agriananda IPB University