IPB and Gojek Develop a Transnational University

Gojek University discourse is becoming increasingly realized with the establishment of the cooperation between IPB University with Gojek. Both agreed to establish cooperation in the fields of education, research, community service and business innovation. 

In signing the memorandum of understanding (MoU) which was signed by the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Information System IPB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat and the Director of Gojek, Monica Lynn Mulyanto, at the Auditorium of Andi Hakim Nasution, Dramaga Campus (2/5), it is expected to grow lectures through the online system.

"Through this cooperation, IPB students can study together with universities from  around the world. For instance with Boston University, Harvard University, the University of Oxford in a months time. Nowadays, online lectures are not difficult to hold, I hope that in the upcoming future each faculty and department hold lectures together every month, "said Prof. Dodik in his speech.

With the combined lectures or parallel lectures held online, students can feel the atmosphere of lectures abroad. Students can feel the style of Japan, Europe, Germany and other countries and vice versa, foreign students can also feel the style of lectures at IPB University. 

"By cooperating with Gojek, I think this could be realized. Korea is currently Saw Wave technology that can be used by Gojek. Korea no longer uses wifi, but are currently using spot area. We're trying to cooperate with Korea in this regard, "he added.

Meanwhile, Monica said that today Gojek is building a dream: making Gojek University. The first step is cooperating to get a better quality education. 

"There are many IPB graduates who work in Gojek, they are more active in the field of statistics and analytics. This field is very helpful in all areas. In 2030 we expect a lot of talented human resources with high skills. Therefore, we are enthusiastic with the fabric of this cooperation. We want to help build young talents with innovations that can make an impact to the community, "he said.

One of IPB graduates who work in Gojek is Leo Wibisono. The man who had been a student achieving national rankings now serves as the District Head of Gojek for Bali and Nusa Tenggara. In his presentation, Leo said that the potential of the digital world is still very large. Leo also explains how to become a sociopreneur that fundamentally change the way people run business that originally opportunity base to base problem. "The way to fight for the future is to think about what the next big thing is," he said. (AVR) 

Published Date : 06-May-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Ir. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat dan Monica Lynn Mulyanto

Keyword : Gojek, online courses, lectures together, Leo Wibisono