IPB Accelerates Scientific Publication

Directorate of Scientific Publication and Strategic Information of the IPB University held "Training Course on Scientific Article Writing for Social and Economic Fields Batch 5" on 29-30 April 2019 in the Mawar Lecture Room of IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor. "This activity aims to increase the number of IPB publications in internationally-reputed journals. Currently, IPB continues to accelerate the program so that the number of publications in international and national journals from IPB will increase," said Director of IPB's Scientific Publication and Strategic Information, Dr. rer. agr. Eva Anggraeni. Lecturers and IPB graduate students participated in this activity.

Head of Sub Directorate of Scientific Publication, Dr. Mohamad Rafi hoped that by attending this activity, the participants would be able to gain deeper knowledge about the ins and outs of scientific article writing, especially in the social and economic fields. "The main obstacle in the writing process is language. To publish articles in reputable international journals, it should be written in English. Therefore, there are programs in Dots per inch (DPIS) related to language checking for writing from the IPB academic community," said Dr. Rafi.

Dr. Rafi added that time becomes another obstacle that is often faced by lecturers in writing, because there is a lot of academic burden while writing requires sufficient time. Furthermore, he said that writing skill must be trained. Through this training course, the input provided is expected to improve the quality of writing so that it is worthy to be published in international journals. In this activity, the number of participants is limited in order to have more effective manuscript coaching so that the participants get better input," he said.

The activity presented several resource persons, namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, MScF. Trop (Vice Rector for Cooperation and Information Systems of IPB), Dr. Djoni Hartono (lecturer of the University of Indonesia) and Rudi Heryanto, M.Sc (IPB lecturer). Reviewers of the participants' articles were Dr. Amzul Rifin (IPB lecturer), Dr. Meilanie Buitenzorgy (IPB lecturer) and Dr. rer. agr. Eva Anggraeni (IPB lecturer).

Prof. Dr. Ir. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, MScF. Trop has experience as an Editorial Board Advisory in the Forest Policy and Economic journal published by Elsevier and is active as a reviewer in various reputable international journals. Prof. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat conveyed several things that need to be considered for journal writers such as content, language, and psychological and ideological constraints. Prof. Dodik also said that some common problems for beginner writers include disconnected ideas in the middle of writing, the idea which has not yet been thoroughly discussed, and a tendency to have many ideas when addressing a problem. "Unfortunately a manuscript will never be able to accommodate all these ideas. Writing articles in social science journals is important because the scientific understanding of policy makers is still low," said Prof. Dodik.

Dr. Djoni Hartono, editor of the Indonesian Journal of Economics and Development provided material on tips and tricks for writing articles so that it can be published in a journal. Meanwhile, Rudi Heryanto, M.Sc provided information regarding reference manager to facilitate the management of bibliography in scientific articles. On the second day, during manuscript coaching, the participants received more intense input from the reviewers mentioned above. (dh/ris/zsp)

Published Date : 09-May-2019

Resource Person : Dr. rer. agr. Eva Anggraeni

Keyword : Scientific Publication, Scientific Article Writing, Directorate of Scientific Publication and Strategic Information