FPIK IPB Acceleration School Presents Indonesian Young Maritime Chairperson

The Acceleration School is a student resource development program organized by the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (BEM FPIK) of IPB University. The Acceleration School is part of the Post-Campus School. Namely one of the work programs carried out with the aim of opening the insight of FPIK students in particular to know the world of work and further study in the field of fisheries and marine science.

In this Acceleration School, the General Chair of the Indonesian Youth Maritime, Kaisar Akhir and Rully Setya Purnama, the owner of Minapoli were present.

In his presentation, Kaisar encouraged FPIK IPB students to take the opportunity to continue their education abroad. According to the scholarship recipient of the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) at World Maritime University (WMU), Sweden, students must be able to demonstrate their social spirit and nationalism.

"Prioritize nationalism and determination to return and devote knowledge to solving problems in Indonesia, and master the arguments related to the destination country. In addition, start with the intention and aspirations to continue studying abroad. Administrative requirements such as the Grade Point Average (GPA), IELTS / TOEFL score, LAC conditional, supporting documents must be met," he said.

Meanwhile in his presentation, Rully said that fisheries and marine 4.0 were the development of human resource based fisheries and marine industries, integrated digital technology from upstream to downstream, and the existence of transdisciplinary involvement so as to create new business models that were more productive, effective, efficient, and have an economic, social and environmental impact.

"What is currently a problem in the fisheries sector is limited soft skills mastery, lack of passion for work, and not yet ready to become entrepreneurs. The seeds of the world fisheries manager must focus on solutions, have different ways of thinking, respect the process, and maintain togetherness. For graduates who are still fresh, it is better to work or start a company that is not big, but can play a lot so that they can understand various real fisheries problems and then find solutions," he said. (RYS)

Published Date : 07-May-2019

Resource Person : Kaisar Akhir dan Rully Setya Purnama

Keyword : Acceleration, Fisheries, Young Maritime Indonesian School, scholarship