Facing VUCA, IPB University Collaborates with Four Agencies

IPB University formed a partnership with PT. Aquafarm, Gunadarma University, Sahid University and Djuanda University. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was held at the Senate Meeting Room of the Dramaga Campus of IPB University, Bogor (10/5). Signing of the MoU with PT. Aquafarm Nusantara is related to apprenticeship of students as well as research related to Aquaculture and Animal Health.

Meanwhile, the collaboration between IPB University and Sahid University was in the context of developing the Postgraduate Study Program, the collaboration between IPB University and Djuanda University in the context of education related to the development of Vocational Schools, while the collaboration between IPB University and Gunadarma University was in education, research and community service. tropical biopharmaca and agrotechno.

In his remarks the Rector of IPB University, Dr. Ir. Arif Satria said that this collaboration was in order to build collaboration between IPB and other Universities in order to address Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA).

"Collaboration is an important step because collaboration can produce something more than self-made efforts. With collaboration, there will be take and give. We don't know which college will be the leader in the future. We don't know who is the rival in the future. How to respond to the future. So that only collaboration can make us survive. "So that private and public universities are really ready to adapt to change," he said.

According to him, IPB University highly appreciates the process of education in other universities (private) because the education process is not all done by state universities. The role of the private sector greatly boosts the Gross Enrollment Rate (APK) so that the private sector plays a strategic role.

Meanwhile, related to the cooperation between IPB University and PT. Aquafarm Nusantara, IPB University wants to try to present an industrial atmosphere in the campus environment. Want to present teaching industry on campus.

"The goal is to produce graduates who really match with the field. So this collaboration will produce a link and match. Hopefully this collaboration will be a driver for an industrial atmosphere, "he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Rector of Sahid University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hardinsyah, MS This collaboration is the fourth time conducted by IPB University. This collaboration is in the effort of developing business incubators, developing ecotourism study programs and collaborations related to the Online Education System.

The same thing was conveyed by Dr. Ir. Dede Kardaya, M.Sc, Chancellor of Djuanda University. The essence of this collaboration is to want to study at IPB University for many things such as online education, online and there are several things related to the vocational field.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor of Gunadarma University, Prof. Dr. ICE. Margianti, SE. MM said that Gunadarma University was only cooperating with IPB this time. Through this collaboration Gunadarma University wants to learn a lot with IPB University regarding the Tridarma of Higher Education, especially in the effort to make the Pharmacy and Agrotechno Study Program.

"We will go further with the Center for Biopharmaceutical and Biomedical Studies with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. We have Gunadarma Technopark (GTP) which is a complex or area of technology, management, education and business development in an integrated manner. "We want through the collaboration of GTP to be truly integrated," he said. (NR)

Published Date : 15-May-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : collaboration, PT. Aquafarm, Gunadarma University, Sahid University, Djuanda University