Concerned with the Problems of Youth, IPB Students are Rewarded by GenRe Inspirational Ambassadors

Putri Gayatri, Student of the Department of Science in Communication and Community Development, Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) was awarded the title of Genre Inspiring Ambassador in 2019. She received the award from the Bogor City Population and Family Planning Control Board (DPPKB).

She admitted, during her time in high school, she had succeeded in making innovations specifically in the field of fulfillment of children's rights.  These innovations are child inclusion schools and Ojera (Child Friendly Ojek).

Related to the problems that occur in adolescents at this time, the daughter of three of the three siblings felt called to take part in taking action to overcome the problem.  Her teenage problems meant like free sex, drug and drug use, and early marriage.

 "Because I have taken the role of Chair of PIK-Remaja since high school, I have become part of tens of millions of young people who are directly responsible for taking action in this matter," Putri added.

Because of his concern, the student from Bandung had the opportunity to become a Child Delegates for UN General Assembly in New York in 2015. She also had the opportunity to become a Youth Delegates for the IMF Annual Meeting in Nusa Dua, Bali in 2018 to voice the issue of stunting and marriage for children.

To continue her passion for social issues, Putri is currently a member of the Female in Action Community and IPB Outstanding Students College.  She has also participated in the National Children's Forum in 2017 and has been a Bandung District MRI Education Volunteer in 2018.

Despite being preoccupied with social activities, Putri did not waste her time not achieving.  Until now, she has made achievements as the 3rd Winner of LKTIN Vosico at Malang State University in 2019, 1st Winner of Bandung Regency Pioneer Youth in 2018, and was named the Outstanding Student of the Faculty of Human Ecology in 2019. (rosyid / Zul)

Published Date : 06-May-2019

Resource Person : Putri Gayatri

Keyword : GenRe Inspiring Ambassadors, free sex, drug and drug use, early marriage, Faculty of Human Ecology IPB