Celebrating National Education Day, IPB Launches Campus Bus Tracking System

IPB University held a ceremony to commemorate the National Education Day (Hardiknas) in Rektorat Field, IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (2/5). In this opportunity, IPB Rector, Dr. Arif Satria launched the Campus Bus Tracking System; an app to facilitate students to see the bus’ position real-time. Its objective is to help students who want to use the IPB bus facility in their campus activities.

IPB students can access this service through the IPB Mobile for Student application. Not only students, this Bus Tracking system will also be accessible to lecturers and education staff through the application of IPB Mobile for Lecturers and IPB Mobile for Staff," he said.

In the opening ceremony, Rector explained about the higher education revolution to the ceremony participants. According to him, currently we can find various types of online education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), to cyber universities; which has been developed by renowned universities in the world.

"Several campuses in Indonesia have also provided various new courses such as big data, data analytics, entrepreneurship and others. The aim is to equip university graduates with the knowledge and the ability to work in order to face the challenges of the future workforce. By realizing the increasing expectations of the government and the people of Indonesia to higher education institutions in providing education to the nation's next generation to be competitive, creative and innovative in the current era of disruption, Indonesian universities are required to participate in evolving and being able to make digital transformation efforts tridharma activities and management of universities. "Universities are also expected to contribute in providing solutions to the nation's socio-economic problems," he said.

For that, he added, the competitiveness of the lecturers, education staffs, and students must always be developed through the literation increase in data, technology, and human resources. Humanitarian affairs becomes very important in facing the complexity of the industrial revolution era 4.0 and the era of society 5.0. Technological progress signifies the advancement of education and science which still has to honor humanity and the welfare of humans and the Indonesian people.

"Increased interaction and social cohesion must be better established between students and lecturers from all different disciplines so as to increase intellectual activity that triggers various creative, innovative, collaborative and self-evident ideas. "It is expected that more results of innovation will be carried out in the campus world accepted by the industry,"

Published Date : 06-May-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : hardiknas, campus bus tracking system, IPB bus, online education