By Developing a Digitalized Management, BPJS Works with IPB

BPJS Health (Health Social Security Agency) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IPB University in Jakarta (24/5). The scope of this partnership includes cooperation to share expertise, cooperation in the field of technology and information, organizing BPJS for students, lecturers, and other education personnel. 

In his speech, the Director of BPJS Health, Prof. Fahmi Idris expressed about the public exposure that was done by BPJS 2018. In 2018 BPJS entered into the era of digitalization. This is changing the landscape. He considered if it is not developed digitally, it is unlikely to be effective, efficient and of high quality because of the many health facility distributions. 

"There are so many services provided by BPJS. One of our medical records to verify within a period of one month can produce about 8 million files, so automatically there will be many files that are needed to be checked. We can not imagine how high these files will be when stacked. Therefore we developed a digital verification of the claim, "he said. 

In addition, the number of participants has now reached 221 million. With a population distribution that is widespread throughout Indonesia from West to East, BPJS manages about 29 767 health facilities. With a number of partners as much as 30 thousand and 640 thousand daily utilization. 

"Imagine if we did not have the information technology and digitalization of backbone services, if not recorded in a digital system it will be difficult," he added. 

BPJS services that are being developed today are an attempt to get participants to come to the office BPJS. All are finished with the participants. And more and more participants are using mobile devices. 

"Simply download on Android, 90 percent complete on a mobile device. For example, checking pay dues, all the data already exists. Served well in its proper place. More effective and efficient. Also hopefully all Medical Records will no longer need to be kept in the Hospital (RS). The patient's medical records, documents in a Hospital. All will be safely stored in a computerized version so that wherever we require any medical records at the hospital, we can pull the data. All that is needed is the patient’s password. No more patient data is stored in one place. This is a later picturization of the example of digitalization that will be developed in the ministry. We also develop health services through a fingerprint. This is the reality in the digital era. In Turkey simply bring the palms for health checks, in Korea, people simply take fingerprints, "he said. 

Meanwhile, the Rector of IPB, Dr. Arif Satria that the data in the era of smart society is very important. According to BPJS, there has been great anticipation to the digital system. With the amount of data that is owned, we must also think about the history of data confidentiality of participants. 

According to Rector, Big Data is a major world power today. In the past, the state's power was because of food or oil now the rule for data. This industrial revolution era 4.0 will be threatening if it is not clean. 

"Currently, business characteristics are changing. Business today is the platform. More broadly, though the platform could be anywhere, maybe someday example when purchasing food through gofood, with the inclusion of data from BPJS, so there is a history of illness, then the food cannot be ordered and suggested another meal. If there are interactive data with other businesses, all this could happen. Therefore, the regulation must quickly adjust, "said Rector. 

As another example, through this collaboration is done then we can see the link IPB student's medical history. Currently, IPB Polyclinic has become a BPJS health facility. "Through the data link, we can find out about student health. With the increasingly good BPJS platform, health monitoring and big data have, the more accurate and sophisticated, the results can be known in real time and the more data the better. With future research, IPB ready to support, to jointly manage big data management. IPB research will help the development of science and how to process the data. IPB existing in the data science to the research needs, "he said. (AVR) 

Published Date : 28-May-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Fahmi Idris

Keyword : BPJS, big data, MoU, healthcare, digitization