Alumni from Minang IPB University Discussed the Strengthening of Family Membership Program

Like the previous year, the alumni of IPB University from Minang who joined the PAPMM (Minang Student and Student Alumni Association) IPB University again held a meeting as a gathering event that was packaged in the Fast Breaking event on Saturday (11/5) at Hotel Salak the Heritage, Bogor. The activity was attended by IPB University alumni from Minang starting from the 1970s. Also present were IPB University students from Minang.

Secretary General of PAPMM, Dr. Zulfikal Adil expressed his joy that this meeting could take place and be attended by various generations. The event, which was designed to bring together across classes, was also used to strengthen various IPB programs related to the welfare and social conditions of IPB University students from Minang. Chairperson of PAPMM, Prof. Dr. Erliza Hambali delivered the main PAPMM program besides the annual program of IPB University alumni from Minang. "The mainstay programs currently being carried out are the GAKA (Movement of Foster Movement) Program, the GEZA Program (Alms Alumni Movement), the dormitory assistance program and the West Sumatra innovation and product promotion program in Toronto," said Prof. Erliza.

Furthermore, Prof. Erliza explained, the Kakak Asuh Movement was a mentoring program for IPB University students from Minang who needed assistance in the fields of education, economics and social affairs. The movement is specifically useful to help IPB University students who need assistance because many IPB University students from Minang come from disadvantaged families.

While GESA (Alms Alumni Movement), this program is intended as a scholarship program for IPB University students from Minang who need help with education costs. Assistance can be given at the beginning of entering IPB University, which is often unable to pay for Single Tuition (UKT), scholarships or social assistance when sick or if someone dies. On this occasion it was conveyed that GESA, which was mostly from IPB University alumni donors who collaborated with Muamalat BMT, continued to be strengthened, because the benefits were greatly felt by students.

Another program is life assistance in Minang student dormitories in relation to social assistance. The Minang people hold Adat principles Basandi Syara, Syara Basandi Kitabullah. So that every behavior and character of Minang students must be guided by religion, and the basic religion is Kitabullah. By itself, there is no choice for Minang people to be overseas, especially students must also understand living in a society by experiencing religious values. One program that has been carried out is a Sunday morning routine recitation activity in the dormitory coordinated by Dr. Taufik Yatna who is also a lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Industry Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, IPB University.

The fourth program is the plan to promote PAPMM to Toronto Canada for regional product promotion and innovation programs. Some of the superior products of the Minang community, especially culinary, will be present in the promotions packaged in the exhibition. The visit was also expected to be a space to strengthen the IPB alumni network from Minang with Canada in many ways.

Gathering and opening events are also equipped with tausiyah before breaking the fast from Dr. Taufik Yatna. In his message Dr. Taufik expressed the importance of literacy in living in the country. Islam teaches interaction with morals according to Minang's philosophy, namely society. The Minang people are monitored and cannot lose their identity as a society that is always close to the Qur'an. Likewise, the Minang alumni must be able to become a driver of life in the personality of the Koran. (NR)

Published Date : 15-May-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Zulfikal Adil

Keyword : Alumni from Minang IPB University, PAPMM, Break Fasting Together