Village Campus Initiates Campus Sheep Education in Neglasari Village, Bogor

Until April 2019, since launching on June 3, 2016, the Village Campus has not been felt 43 times. The 43rd Village Campus this time was held in Posdaya Sabilulungan, Neglasari Village, Dramaga District, Bogor Regency, Saturday (30/3).

The Village Campus which was carried out with self-help and multi-sharing patterns among various components, was present to strengthen the service of IPB University by disseminating the results of IPB's research into the community. The idea of this self-help pattern was born as a solution to be able to carry out timely and continuous service (not limited by budgeting time).

 With a self-help pattern, service through the Village Campus can be carried out according to the needs of time and the freedom of the community. By presenting speakers from IPB lecturers and alumni the pattern of self-help service has become one of the determining elements in the sustainability of the Village Campus. More than 60 informants stated that they were prepared to become self-help actors. They come from various backgrounds including IPB lecturers, alumni, practitioners, and also government officials. While IPB University  students also contributed to the preparation and smooth running of the action in the field. Even in the last two years, the IPB University Vocational School has made the Village Campus a social laboratory in the Information Distribution course.

Head of Center for Human Resource Development (P2SDM) Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of IPB University, Dr. Amiruddin Saleh, MS explained that the 43rd Village Campus in Posdaya Sabilulungan Neglasari Village is part of the entire Village Campus that has been implemented since 2016. The topic of the Neglasari Village Campus is "Healthy Sheep Cultivation Towards Sheep Educational Tourism Village". Starting with a study of the potential and assessment of community needs.

"This Sheep Village in Neglasari Campus has been started since early November 2017. Meeting with sheep farmers to discuss and motivate animal feed needs. Until the end of March 2019 the material discussed during the last four meetings includes sheep feed, types of forage, feed handling practices, indigofera planting, the practice of making silage, introducing odot, practicing odot planting, handling healthy cages, and sheep cultivation in general, "he said. Dr. Amirudin added, a review of the sheep shed and indigophera which had been planted was also carried out by the village campus team and discussed at the Village Campus meeting.

Coordinator of IPB University Village Campus Program, Ir. Yannefri Bakhtiar, M.Sc, stated that the Village Campus Program in 2019 will seek the five main topics needed by the community. The five topics were about sheep cultivation, cassava village, herbal tourism village, batik craft, and online marketing. Each topic will be implemented in a number of meeting packages until the community receives applicative benefits from each topic.

"For Neglasari Village, it is hoped that the Village Campus activities with 12 meeting packages will be completed in November 2019. With the solidarity of breeders and the sustainability of the Village Campus Program by P2SDM, IPB University LPPM will realize the Education Village in Neglasari Village. "She is a sheep breeder from Neglasari Village who will graduate at IPB, graduation in the style of the Village Campus," he said. (NR)

Published Date : 04-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Amiruddin Saleh, MS

Keyword : Village Campus, Center for Human Resource Development, Neglasari, Posdaya