This Is What Indonesian Character Experts Said on Positive Emotions as the Key to Success in Industry 4.0

The buzz about the 4.0 industrial revolution by some people is considered as a detrimental thing. This is because predictions appear in the year 2030 or 2045, this era has the potential to reduce about 70-80 percent of the type of work due to technological developments that trigger a high unemployment rate. The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (IKK) of IPB University answered this by holding the IKK Scientific Forum with the theme "The Structure of the Brain Needed in the 4.0 Era". Attended by hundreds of cross-generation students at the GMSK Auditorium, IPB (27/3), this event presented Indonesian Character Expert, who had also been a lecturer at the IKK Department of IPB, Dr. Ratna Megawangi.

Beginning by discussing various technological inventions that succeeded in replacing human energy and intelligence, Dr. Ratna explained that changes that are very fast happening now require the right quality of human resources to answer the challenges of the times. Namely with a high-level thinking pattern called HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill).

"The ability to think critically, computation, problem solving, non-verbal verbal communication, high motivation and good social skills are the capabilities needed to be strong in today's competition and this capability is formed by a long process. Everything starts from parenting in the family environment, "he explained.

She continued; every human being is born with 100 billion nerve cells that are ready to become active when getting a stimulus from their environment. The development of nerve cells that is so fast occurs at an early age, making the age of 0-3 years considered golden age (golden age). "Because from birth to this age, everything that happens in the environment will be recorded by children and this becomes the basis for the formation of emotions of children until later adulthood," she continued.

The founder of the Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) stated that parenting determines the brain structure of children. Environment, care and education make a person smart or slow in thinking. Children who grow up in a safe, loving and cared for environment will have a cortex (brain thinking) that develops optimally.

This applies best. The brain that has been used to childhood with trauma and neglect from parents will grow stunted and on the other hand activate an aggressive, attacking and dominant reptile brain. Someone who, since their childhood was full of violence, will look for targets to vent. They will easily slam and commit violence because in their soul is full of anger.

Therefore, to maintain the health of the spiritual soul, our brain and body should feed physically and spiritually with halal and good food, avoid forwarding news that is not yet known to be true, involve yourself in beneficial social activities and keep the mood in an emotional state positive by reading books, nature tourism, reproducing remembrance, listening to music and exercising. "Because positive emotions make one healthy, noble, intelligent, critical and creative in character, that's the key to being successful in the industrial era 4.0," she said.

Published Date : 02-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Ratna Megawangi

Keyword : character expert, Dr. Ratna Megawangi, the key to success, High Order Thinking Skill, positive emotions