Support Green Campus, IGAF IPB Holds "Plastic Waste" Open Discussion

Environmental issues have recently become a serious subject for solutions. One of the most important environmental issues is the use of plastic. The Indonesian Green Action Forum (IGAF) Student Activity Unit (IGAF) of IPB University which is engaged in the environment, held an Open Discussion which was a series of ISEW (IPB Sustainable Environmental Week) events, at the Dramaga IPB Campus, Bogor (31 / 3).

The Open Discussion was filled by two speakers namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Etty Riani, lecturer at the Department of Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB, who is also an expert in the toxic field. Besides Prof. Etty, Renny Widyanti as the representative of Earth Hour Bogor participated in giving her views on the use of plastic waste.

Prof. Etty explained the current environmental issue being discussed recently, namely plastic waste. "The problem is that plastic waste is not just garbage. Many toxic hazardous ingredients are contained in plastic. Plastic base material is also the same as petroleum. As is known, that materials from petroleum are found in many carcinogenic substances (triggering cancer). "Plastic components are labile so it is easy to move around, and this is what will make plastic toxic for plastic-wrapped food ingredients," said Prof. Etty.

However, continued Prof. Etty, it cannot be denied that people's lives today cannot be separated from plastic. Its easily regulated nature according to market needs makes plastic the preferred material, besides the price is cheaper than other materials.

"Even so, as students, who have understood the dangers of plastic, they must be wise to use plastic. Use plastic efficiently by reducing or reusing the plastic. Plastics are difficult to decipher, but if they are decomposed they will flow into the sea and become marine debris or marine debris. Later we will eat fish and fish. In the end, humans are also affected by plastic waste, "said Prof. Etty.

Unlike Prof. Etty said that in terms of plastic toxicity to living things, Renny discussed the impact of plastic waste on the environment and social. According to the Bogor City Sanitation Service data, said Renny, the city of Bogor produces 600 tons of garbage per day. Of that amount, as many as three percent came from plastic bags and 10 percent came from other plastic waste. This amount is very large in trash that cannot be easily broken down.

"The new regulation in the city of Bogor is not providing plastic bags to several large retailers. As a result, plastic bag waste is reduced by two to five percent from the initial amount, ”explained Renny. Renny also encouraged students to slowly replace plastic with materials that can be used continuously, such as carrying a tumbler, lunch box, and always carrying totebag.

The program continued with the formation of four student discussion groups that were given different themes. One of the themes which was discussed was the condition of the canteen on the IPB campus which still uses a lot of plastic. Students argue that placing gallons of drinking water to refill water can reduce plastic bottle waste and regulation between students and higher institutions in IPB is very necessary for the continuity of the use of plastic waste on campus. (ASK / Zul)

Published Date : 04-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Ir. Etty Riani

Keyword : plastic waste, water pollution, Prof. Etty Riani, tumbler, carcinogenic