Speak Up Class Gives Public Speaking Tips to IPB Students

The ability to speak in public is a skill that is very much needed in the world of work. To prepare graduates of IPB University to have good soft skills, the Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB in collaboration with Speak Up Class held a Public Speaking Speak Up by Speak Up Class training at the Dramaga Campus of IPB, Bogor (6/4). This Speak Up event is the opening of the Career Week series.

According to Haikal Saputra, who works as an MC and TV broadcaster when being a guest speaker at this event, public speaking is not an exact science that has standard rules such as exact science (mathematics and science). But it is a science that develops according to conditions without the existence of certain rules.

"Public speaking is a science of situation. We are required to be able to quickly adjust what we will say according to the situation we are facing. If suddenly the situation changes unexpectedly, we must adjust it too," he said.

But even though public speaking is a science of situation, it does not mean that learning public speaking has no benefits. Even public speaking itself has an important role in terms of communicating in front of many people. Good public speaking skills can be an added value for graduates who will apply for jobs because later they will be required to be able to convey ideas, both in front of superiors and in front of other employees.

To be a good public speaker, there are some tips that can be done before going on stage. The tips are excellent mental and physical preparation. Mental preparation is necessary so as not to be easily nervous. Mental preparation itself there are several ways that are usually done by a public speaker before starting to speak in front of an audience.

"There are several ways for our mentality to be better prepared before facing the audience by knowing the room that will be used, recognizing the character of the audience and understanding the material that will be delivered," Haikal said.

Whereas physical preparation is more about the appearance and condition of the body. Someone who will speak in public must have a fit and prime body condition. This is important so that the sound is clear, and the message is conveyed well. Besides that, the clothes worn must also be in accordance with the situation of the event. Use soft-colored clothes and nondescript makeup. Besides that, the most important thing to note is the smile when bringing the material.

"A smile is important. Smiles support our appearance on stage. Smiles also make us relax and the audience is also happy with us," said the alumni of IPB Horticulture Agronomy. (RYS)

Published Date : 27-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Haikal Saputra

Keyword : public speaking, communication, physical, mental, preparation