P2SDM IPB and PT. Holcim will Build a Farmer Cooperative

Center for Human Resource Development (P2SDM) Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University in collaboration with PT. Solusi Bangun Indonesia (Holcim) will initiate the construction of the Farmer Cooperative. This economic institution is intended as a forum for Holcim assisted communities. Socialization and counseling of Farmer Cooperatives is conducted in the environment of PT. Holcim, Nambo Village, Bogor Regency (27/3).

The Secretary of P2SDM, Warcito, SP, MM said that the community assisted by PT. Holcim is enthusiastic about this initiation. The cooperative which will be named Wiratani Mandiri Nusantara aims to raise funds from members as a joint venture capital. In addition, the development of this cooperative is also to build and develop the economic potential of members based on innovation from IPB, helping members to provide the necessary resources, educating and training members to have the ability and expertise of economic value. And to improve welfare through the pattern of sharing the remaining results of the business.

"The plan, the scope of business that will be the focus is agricultural education tourism services (eduagrotourism), training including Cultivation Technical Guidance, training (diklat), seminars, fisheries through enlarging catfish, tilapia and pangafius with biofloc technology. Livestock business through raising cattle, sheep and poultry and dairy goats. Agricultural business through lemongrass fragrant, elephant grass odot and indigofera. Business of producing and processing essential oils and their derivatives. Animal feed production business, organic fertilizer production. The business of post-harvest processing of agriculture and livestock, trade and marketing businesses includes the animal and fish feed industry, probiotics, fish seeds, agricultural medicines, aquaculture pond equipment, basic necessities and cooperation efforts with other business entities that are mutually beneficial," he said.

Meanwhile, attending the Socialization and counseling of the Cooperative Wiratani Mandiri Nusantara was a representative from the Cooperative and MSME Service District. Bogor, SBI Comrade Manager, and prospective cooperative members from the community who have been involved in the odot grass planting program, indigofera and fragrant lemongrass, sheep business groups and representatives from Nambo Village. (RYS)

Published Date : 02-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Warcito, SP, MM

Keyword : Cooperative, Wiratani Mandiri Nusantara, Holcim, P2SDM IPB, Residents of Nambo Bogor