IPB University Students Commemorate Kartini’s Day: Understanding the Importance of Women’s Role

The female community of the IPB Universiy, Female in Action, Ministry of Social and Community Affairs, Directorate of Women and Children Student, Student Executive Body (BEM) of Family of Student (KM) remembers Kartini's figure by conducting the "Aspiration of Women Day" (AWD) at Common Class Room (CCR) Auditorium, IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (21/4). The AWD 2019 theme is Increasing the Role and Quality of Women in the Millennium Era.

“We want to give more space for every great woman. We hope that Indonesian women can be more open-minded, critical, and bright in their respective fields,” said Zulfa Fauziah as the Founder of Female in Action.

Aspiration of Women Day invited various competent speakers in understanding the role of women, which were dr. Auliya Rahmi F and Dr. Herien Puspitawati. Dr. Aulia gave tips in becoming a high-quality women, namely that one shoud be confident and proactive, even though have been married. Meanwhile, Dr. Herien conveyed her view on the needs of men’s supports to empower women qualities.

"We need to learn from women in the era of the Prophet who, despite being a wife, still play an important role in the community. Like Aisyah, who with her intelligence narrates hadith and become health expert, then there is Khadija who is an entrepreneur, and many more, "explained Dr. Aulia, who currently works as a doctor as well as an entrepreneur and mother of two children.

Annisa Mufidah, the Head of Committee of Aspiration of Women Day, hoped that in the future, this event can be held again with more specific theme.

Published Date : 27-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Zulfa Fauziah

Keyword : Female in Action, Aspiration of Women Day, Increasing the Role and Quality of Women in the Millennium Era.