How IPB teaches Student Dormitory Residents to Become Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is certainly not an easy thing. There will be many challenges and obstacles that must be faced. However, it does not mean that it is impossible. This has been proven by several students from IPB University who already have a business while still studying.

To improve the entrepreneurial soft skills of students, the Directorate of General Competency Education Program (PPKU) in collaboration with the Directorate of Collaboration and Alumni Relations (DKHA) of IPB presented ten young alumni who are successful as entrepreneurs in the "Social Gathering Gedung (SoDung)" event. SoDung was held at the PPKU Dormitory Building, IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (29/3). They are Ahsan Abduh Andi Sihotang, Nasrur Rahman Qorieb, Abu Ubaidah, Wibawa Furqona, Wahyudhi Rahari, Muhammad Fadli Herdiansyah, Muhammad Imron Halimi, Annisa Hasanah, Reza Fahlepi, and Indra Bachtiar.

"We will continue to do this SoDung because we want to find a proper model for providing motivation to the students. We will evaluate everything later at the end, starting from what kind of alumni who are able to provide motivation, up to the model of the implementation of motivation which will be conveyed to students," explained Dr. Zaenal Abidin, Assistant Director of PPKU for Student Dormitory and Student Affairs.

 Wahyudhi Rahari, one of the alumni who was invited to share the successful story of his struggle, became an entrepreneur in the field of clothing production. According to him, the industrial revolution 4.0 can be a threat if we do not prepare it from now on.
"There are seven fundamental characters that a visionary entrepreneur must have, namely the courage to face challenges, integrity (maintaining customer trust), being humble, focusing on what has been planned, and building good cooperation," he said.

SoDung is a routine activity for the residents of PPKU dormitories (first-year students of IPB). This activity was carried out in each dormitory by inviting guest speakers to provide interactive space and enrichment of information for all students. It was hoped that the alumni who were invited would be able to provide motivation, adaptation and sharing the latest information that refers to the development and strengthening of the characters of the students. (SM/Zul/ZSP)

Published Date : 04-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Zaenal Abidin

Keyword : SoDung, entrepreneurs, new students, PPKU of IPB, IPB dormitories