Bogor City Government Involves IPB University for Gender Responsive Budget Planning Planning Project

The Bogor City Government involved the Center for Gender and Child Studies (PKGA) Institute for Research and Community Service, LPPM-IPB University  in 2019 Gender Responsive Budgeting Planning, Monday (15/4) at Hotel Permata Bogor.

Head of the Center for Gender and Child Studies LPPM IPB University, Dr. Ir. Budi Setiawan, MS said that this activity was a follow-up to the collaboration with the Bogor City Government that had been established for a long time. "PKGA IPPM LPPM has always been active as a facilitator in implementing gender and child mainstreaming. Not only in Bogor City, PKGA is also often a facilitator in the Government of Bogor, Depok, Bekasi Regency and other regions in Indonesia. PKGA IPB University has partnered with local governments to become facilitators of technical guidance in the framework of gender responsive planning for the protection of women and children. Gender Equality is one of the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the world community wants to achieve. So that gender responsive access, facilities or development must be implemented not only at the regional level but also nationally, "said Dr. Budi.

The government appreciates the importance of responsive mainstreaming by providing Anugerah Parahita Ekapraya (APE). The Parahita Ekapraya Award (APE) is given by the government to institutions that are committed to efforts to realize gender equality and empowerment of women in programs and activities of ministries or institutions, and have innovations in the implementation of gender equality, and conduct Gender Mainstreaming (PUG) to other ministries or institutions and local government.

Furthermore Dr. Budi said, in the case of APE 2019, the Bogor City Government entered the middle level. This is a good progress. One example of gender justice must be in accordance with his nature.

In line with this activity the PKGA IPB University function, said Dr. Budi, one of which is advocacy and multi-stakeholder cooperation in efforts to achieve gender equality and justice, women's empowerment and child protection.

Promoting and integrating gender equality and equity perspectives in implementing the tri dharma of higher education. Participated as a guest speaker for the event, PKGA IPB University Researcher, Dr.Ir. Anna Fatchiya, MSi and Ratmajaya, SE, MM. The present participants were representatives of all departments in the Bogor City Government. (NR)

Published Date : 16-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Ir. Budi Setiawan, MS

Keyword : Parahita Ekapraya Award, Center for Gender and Child Studies, gender equality, gender responsive budget