Agriaswara Student Choir Holds Mini Concert "Eclipse"

Sweet On The Pipe is a song that tells about someone who is entangled by a love story that is far from freedom and pleasure. This song was performed beautifully by the Agria Swara Student Choir (Bogor Agricultural University) in the mini-concert at the Graha Swara Auditorium, Tarumanagara University (30/3). In this concert titled "Eclipse" the singer was separated into two groups, namely the male choir (Male Choir) and female choir (Female Choir). The concert featured five songs for Male Choir and six songs for Female Choir, as well as four songs delivered by both.

"This separation is in accordance with the Eclipse theme that we are raising, namely the occurrence of an eclipse where the sun and moon are parallel. "The man is symbolized as a blazing sun giving life and strength to the creation of a masterpiece of life," said Arvin Zeinullah, composer of the songs sung by PSM Agria Swara in this concert.

According to him, women are represented as months. Namely the symbol of the human birth cycle that continues to develop and work, and the delicate moonlight always illuminates the darkness of the night. The singers wear black and gold costumes that give the impression of elegance and luxury, in harmony with the concert theme that lifts the union between the moon and the sun with its rays.

"Overnight is an extraordinary performance. As a coach, I noted the new progress achieved by Agria Swara. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, "said IPB Agria Swara PSM coach, Dr. drh. R.P. Agus Lelana, SpMP. (** / Zul)

Published Date : 04-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Arvin Zeinullah

Keyword : mini concert, eclipse, student choir, PSM Agria Swara