Agrianita IPB and BSM Hold Free Medical Examination

Agrianita IPB University collaborated with Bank Sharia Mandiri (BSM) to hold a free medical examination to celebrate Kartini’s Day. There are going to be 250 people to receive this free basic examination like examination of cholesterol, gout, blood sugar and blood pressure.

In the first step, the examination was held in IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (9/4). The second step will be conducted on April 23rd, 2019 in IPB Baranangsiang Campus.

The Head of Agrianita IPB, Neno Arif Satria, conveyed that every April, in order to commemorate Kartini’s Day, Agrianita will hold a medical examination, especially for women’s health.

“What is difference is that this year we give free basic medical examination to 250 people. There is also a free dental examination. We hope that next year, there will be more benefits for IPB family,” she said.

In addition to free basic health examinations, this event also provided advanced medical examinations such as pap smears, ultrasonography (USG) and mammography. However, by Neno’s effort, the examination fee received a subsidy from Agrianita.

“Mammography would be more expensive if it is done in other places. But since we have partnered with Dharmais and Cancer Foundation Indonesia, we can get a special price each year. Insha Allah next year we can get more sponsors so we can give the free advanced medical examination. In the future, pap smear, mammography, and USG can also be free. In addition, in the future, we want to collaborate with sponsors to be able to carry out cervical immunization because it is important for mothers to do this immunization. I still strive for it. During the Dies Natalis later, I will hold a special degree for this cervical immunization. Hopefully this immunization can also be subsidized. Because immunization is very expensive. This is done to reduce the number of cases of families affected by cancer,” she said.

Even though that prioritized participants are IPB civitas, Agrianita also gives opportunities for the public. “Usually, those who registered also consisted of mothers from around IPB that participated in this event every year. In the future, I hope that the medical examination will not be only once a year. If possible, two or three times a year. Because only held once a year, there are many people in IPB who don't have the opportunity to get checked out because they are on duty. If the schedule is three times, there will be another chance in a year," she added.

Meanwhile, Sulis Luki Adriyanto as the Head of Committee said that through this event, she hoped that IPB families could utilize this opportunity well. “Through a regular check-up, health can be maintained. This event can also raise awareness about diseases that prone to women like breast and cervical cancer. For example, we presented speakers from Indonesian Cancer Foundation and Love Pink Foundation to socialize breast cancer prevention,’ she said.

Published Date : 20-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Neno Arif Satria

Keyword : Agrianita IPB, medical examination, Kartini’s Day, pap smear, breast cancer, cervical cancer