The Center for Disaster Study of IPB Invites Residents to Clean Up Waste of Disaster in Banten

The accumulation of former disaster waste has become a separate problem for tsunami victims in Teluk Village, Labuan Banten. For this reason, in his last mission, the Center for Disaster Studies (PSB) Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University carried out environmental clean-up activities, awareness raising for healthy families, watching together disaster-conscious simulation films and increasing the creativity of victims disaster especially children by painting.

This was conveyed by the Head of PSB IPB, Dr. Yonvitner when giving a speech at the Emergency Response (ER) activity in Teluk Village (24/2). Together with Secretary of PSB IPB, Dr. Perdinan and the Head of the Teluk Village, Head of Police and BPBD and KaposAL Teluk village, Dr. Yonvitner leads environmental clean-up activities in community settlement locations and seafront.

"The target of this activity is to foster public awareness and attention to the importance of maintaining environmental cleanliness. This activity received a positive response from the Teluk Village community. In addition, this activity is in line with the village program and the hope of the Teluk village community groups is to make the Teluk village without waste by 2020," he said.

Furthermore, in an effort to eliminate the trauma of children in Teluk Village, the IPB PSB held a garbage painting competition. The painting contestants were 89 elementary school children around the village of Teluk. This activity was followed in groups to foster children's collaboration and communal awareness of environmental cleanliness.

In addition to this, the garbage painting competition aims to be one of the trauma healing efforts for children. And to foster awareness of children from an early age to protect the environment by removing garbage in its place. The garbage cans that have been painted by children are used by the residents of Teluk Village as a waste management place, so that waste management can run well.

The people of Teluk Village are very enthusiastic about this competition. They hope that IPB can assist the Teluk Village to return to 'rise up' after the disaster of the December 22, 2018 tsunami. Support from IPB through IPB Care became one of the triggers for various parties to work with PSB IPB in a humanitarian event in Banten. Support continued to flow for up to two months after the disaster.

"The IPB PSB has been assisting the Labuan and Sumur communities after the Tsunami for two months. February 24 is the last day we accompany them. So far, the IPB PSB has distributed food and logistical needs for affected communities in Labuan and Sumur as well as Carita and Anyer. In addition, we also hold health consultation activities and the Trauma Healing program for disaster victims and local communities. Furthermore, we will be prepared for a long-term mentoring program, namely through the rehabilitation and reconstruction program of business and community economy," he said. (RYS)

Published Date : 06-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Yonvitner

Keyword : Tsunami Banten, Labuan, Sumur, Center for Disaster Studies, waste management