Student of MM Syariah Business School-IPB Benchmarking Halal Industry in Thailand

Students of Sharia Management (MM Syariah) Business School (SB) IPB University conduct halal industry benchmarking to Thailand (7-10 / 3). One of the locations of the visit was The Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICOT), a regulatory body that issued halal certification in Thailand.

According to Ibn Sa'ud Habibullah as Chairperson of the Group, Thailand is a destination country because in addition to being cheap, research on halal centers in one of the universities in Thailand has collaborated with IPB.

"However, because the schedule is not in accordance with the college, our visit will be transferred to Thailand's Islamic Center, namely CICOT," he said.

According to him, CICOT plays a major role in halal certification of processed food and beverage products in Thailand. Thailand acknowledges that the halal brand globally has become an icon of a healthy and quality product for both Muslims and non-Muslims. This was responded by Thailand to own and provide the best halal laboratory facilities in the world.

"Processed agricultural products such as various processed candied fruit (mango, durian, papaya, mangosteen, coconut and others) which are often found in various centers of souvenirs in Thailand have applied halal drying technology by including on each halal logo label issued by CICOT . CICOT as a halal certification organization in Thailand provides inspection of halal products and certification services in accordance with Islamic law and compliance with international standards with competent auditors, "he explained.

In addition to CICOT, MM Syariah SB-IPB students also had a discussion with Mr. Anusart Manachitt as Managing Hotel Director of Zayn Hotel, one of the Sharia Hotels in Thailand. Zayn Hotel provides services, hospitality, comfort and safety of consuming halal food in the center of Bangkok, Thailand.

"The owner of Zayn Hotel is a Thai Muslim. Some employees already use hijab. Visitors from China are the most visitors after Indonesia at Zayn Hotel. Halalness at Zayn Hotel starts from the supplier until the distribution is halal certified from CICOT. In every corner of the hotel a tagline "Halal Is A Must Be Not Just About What We Eat" But Also What We Love What We Do We Talk And What We Earn ", he added.

From the results of this visit, Ibnu suggested that in the future, the halal industry in Thailand needs to be strengthened in terms of food halalness. Starting from what we eat is the starting point for blessings and mercy. The importance of awareness in consuming halal food can be a healthy lifestyle. (** / Zul)

Published Date : 21-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Ibnu Sa’ud Habibullah

Keyword : MM Sharia, IPB Business School, halal industry benchmarking, The Central Islamic Council of Thailand