Korean International Cooperation Agency Visit to IPB on Higher Education Collaboration Exploration

The President of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)—Mrs. Lee Mikyung, and her delegation visited Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Baranangsiang Campus to meet Rector of IPB—Dr. Arif Satria along with other leaders, including Head of the Academic Senate—Prof. Dodi Nandika, Vice Rector for Collaboration and Information Systems—Prof. Dodik R Nurrochmat, Director of International Programs—Prof. Iskandar Z Siregar, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Forestry—Dr. Naresworo Nugroho and researcher’ representatives working with partners from South Korea. During the meeting, President Lee and delegations expressed their views on the importance of strengthening the role and capacity of higher education institutions such as IPB, which is among vastly innovative campus that entered the world's top 100 universities in agriculture and forestry with extensive global partners. Also, IPB owned a holding company—PT. Bogor Life Science and Technology which is an essential medium for the downstream process of innovation and entrepreneurship. On this occasion, the Rector of IPB conveyed the vision of IPB in the future as a techno-socio-entrepreneurial university whose current foundation has been built. The Rector felt the need for acceleration so that key research fields of IPB, such as those included in the 4.0 agro-maritime agenda, could produce output in the form of qualified graduates as well as science and technology following problems in the field as well as user needs. KOICA's President appreciated IPB's steps through the agri-preneurship model that is being developed and hopes to work together to learn from each other. She expressed her hope on working as soon as possible with KOICA Indonesia Country Director in Jakarta to meet and formulate strategic steps and cooperation that will be built. In the discussion, IPB proposed a cooperation scheme including collaborative research such as Smart Agriculture for plantations, biodiversity conservation, and other interdisciplinary related topics. Entrepreneurial strengthening associated with IPB Science Techno Park facilities also includes the development of the FabLab/MakerLab or LivingLab models. Advanced lab infrastructure through strengthening and developing management capacity towards the national instrumentation center should focus on supporting the quality of frontiers research and reduction. The technological innovation, information systems, and business through strengthening the business model 4.0 in the latest technology that has been developed including 5G Information Technology. At the end of her visit, KOICA’s President had the opportunity to visit the IPB official, commercial products shop—Serambi Botani in Baranangsiang Botani Square Mall to explore the variety of healthy lifestyle products being marketed. 

Published Date : 07-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : KOICA, South Korea, IPB, higher education partnership, Arif Satria