IPB–Utsunomiya University Exchanged Students to Gain Expertise in Agricultural Technology

Ten students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Bio-systems at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) attended Sakura Exchange Program in Science at Utsunomiya University, Japan on last January 22nd-29th, 2019. Sakura Science Program (SSP) is a short term visit program to Japan organized and sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology (JST) agency. This program invites young people from various countries and institutions to study the development of science and technology in Japan. The hope is to improve the interest and enthusiasm to continue learning and developing scientific discipline. JST fully funds this activity, and one of the requirements is that the person has never been to Japan. Also, the conditions or qualifications of participants can follow the provisions of the invited institutions, inviting institutions and JST. This activity is aimed at learning science, technology, culture and tourism in Japan. The activities were carried out in Japan included lectures, laboratory and lab visits and tours/excursions to several places in Japan. The participants in this activity had the opportunity to study at the faculty of agriculture at Utsunomiya University. They also studied food technology, soil emission, agribusiness, development of independent rural agriculture, irrigation, agricultural plant buildings (plant factory and sustainable village) and microbial fuel cell material. In addition to the soil emission demonstration, participants also practiced the manufacture of artificial salmon roe (artificial salmon eggs) for the principle of sushi topping. From this program, they learn how to develop science and technology, especially for agriculture, so that they can jointly advance agriculture throughout the world. They did not only get material about the development and use of agricultural technology in Japan but also visit laboratories and companies that optimize the existing resources. They also visited the Science and Technology Museum, Tokyo Tree Tower, Asakusa temple and tasted halal ramen. While in the Tochigi prefecture (Utsunomiya campus), participants visited Seiwa Tomato Park—a very large and modern tomato plant factory, then also toured strawberry picking managed by local farmers, and saw temples and waterfalls in Nikko. Participants could taste sweet tomatoes and learn how Japanese businesses create an adequate environment for farming in even extreme weather during their excursion in Seiwa Tomato Park. This activity at Kobe University was participated by ten students from both undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the IPB Department of Mechanical Engineering and Bio-systems. At that time, the participants came from several countries in Asia where each sent seven participants. 

Published Date : 18-Mar-2019

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Keyword : Sakura Exchange Program, Utsunomiya University, Agricultural Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Bio-systems