IPB Lecturer: Higher Educational Curriculum and Student Leadership in the style of Millennials

In the era of globalization, the millennial generation has a different treatment on several issues. A leader in the millennial era is a leader who is able to give effect to the team.

According to Dr. Illah Sailah, lecturer in the Department of Industrial Technology of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), which currently serves as Head of the Institute of Higher Education Service (LLDIKTI) III region of Jakarta, to face the industry 4.0, students should be more responsive. Students need a high awareness to look around and network sufficient. According to him, the student must have a good plan because it would compete with foreign labor. Consciousness depends on each individual.

"Soft skills are very important for students. Students will someday be leaders, workers, or businessmen. People will be judged on the soft skills possessed, strong motivation and initiative, as well as good time management. Seven of the nine skills possessed by civil servants is a soft skill. Soft skills are expressed with manners, "said Illah.

According to him, the lecturer also plays an important role in developing the soft skills of students. Lecturers should take care of the student activities including performing various collective creativity and dedication to the community.

LLDIKTI is a working unit in the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in charge of helping to improve the quality of higher education in the working area. LLDIKTI formerly Coordinating Private Universities (Kopertis). Dr. Illah was also the coordinator of a variety of leadership training both domestically and abroad. (AVR)

Published Date : 27-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Illah Sailah

Keyword : Agricultural Industrial Technology, Dr. Illah Sailah, Leadership, Millennial