IPB Art Contest 2019 was Closed with Joy and Great Euphoria

IPB Art Contest (IAC) became a forum for students of the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) to channel their creativity in the arts. In this IAC 2019 event, students were challenged to show how much their creativity in the arts, both music, vocal and image and audio visual arts.

IAC 2019 Chief Executive, Wirangga said IAC was the biggest art event in IPB and became the only event that accommodated students' interests and talents in the arts.

"In addition to accommodating the interests and talents of students in the arts, this time IAC is also a place for networking students to take part in national student art weekends. In this event too, will be given appreciation to students who have high artistic talent, so that students will continue to be enthusiastic in developing their soft skills in  arts, " said Wirangga.

Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, IPB, Dr. Ir. Drajat Martianto, M.Sc also appreciated and emphasized that students continue to develop their soft skills in the arts.

"Events like this will continue to be supported by IPB because sports and art have an important role in developing student softskill capacity. Therefore, success does not only have academic capital but also needs soft skills, "said Dr. Drajat.

As a form of appreciation to the younger generation who have advantages in the fields of sports and art, IPB opens new student admissions through the International and National Achievement pathways, specifically in the fields of sports and art. The entry point is intended for prospective new students who have achievements in the field of sports and arts both at national and international levels.

The closing of IAC this time is getting lively with the appearance of Bandrek Susu or the Rector Band that entertains the audience. (Jhn)

Published Date : 27-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Ir. Drajat Martianto, M.Sc

Keyword : IAC, IPB Art Contest, International and National Achievement, sports and art