Hundreds of Students Participate in a Business Plan Workshop at IPB

Directorate of Students and Career Development of IPB University (Ditmawapeka of IPB) in collaboration with the Directorate of Student Affairs, Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Ditjen of Belmawa) of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) held a Business Plan Workshop for students. The workshop was conducted at the IPB Common Class Room Auditorium, Dramaga Campus of IPB, Bogor (9/3).

About 400 participants from various universities such as Udayana University, Open University, Indonesian Education University, Pembangunan Jaya Tangerang University, Pakuan University, Jakarta State University, Indraprasta PGRI University, University of Indonesia, and Djuanda University, attended the workshop.

This Business Plan Workshop was a series of the 2019 Indonesian Student Business Competition agenda, aiming to introduce the stages and basic principles of entrepreneurship (business principal) and to establish strong reasons for building business (noble purpose) among students.

Director of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB, Dr. Alim Setiawan Slamet said that Indonesia's unemployment rate currently reaches 6.87 million people. According to him, this problem becomes a shared challenge especially for students, because students as agents of change have many ideas, creations and innovations so that the student's role is expected to increase the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

"There is a formula to be a successful entrepreneur, namely the meeting of opportunity and preparation in the right time. If there is an opportunity but do not have preparation then it will not be successful, and vice versa," said Dr. Alim Setiawan.

To be successful as an entrepreneur, Dr. Alim continued, there are at least three conditions that must be met. These requirements are passion, purpose and value. In pursuing the business world, the effort pursued is expected to be in accordance with passion, thus, the business will be comfortable to do and can produce maximum profit. Before pursuing the business world, prospective entrepreneurs are expected to have clear objectives. These clear goals are not just to make a lot of profit, but must have values that are meaningful to the community.

Head of Sub-directorate for Welfare and Entrepreneurship, Directorate of Student Affairs, Ditjen of Belmawa of Kemenristekdikti, Ismet Yus Putra also supports the government's efforts to create new young entrepreneurs from students. Some of these efforts are realized through the Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI) program.

"This KBMI program focuses on the orientation of business ideas, business processes and business results (profit). Therefore, let us jointly improve competitiveness in the business world by creating new business opportunities," said Ismet.

This KBMI program has been running since 2017 and has had a positive impact on students in encouraging students to become entrepreneurs, including business development models owned by students.

According to Ismet, the KBMI program in 2019 is quite different from the previous years. In this KBMI program, participants are not only students who already have a business, but also students who have new business ideas.

This year, the number of KBMI proposals that can be submitted from each university is also not limited. If in the previous years each university was only allowed to send 25 proposals, this year the quota is added so that universities could send as many proposals as possible.

KBMI 2019 is more focused on businesses based on technology, which is used in the business processes, both from input or production, processing, and post-processing.

Students who want to join the KBMI 2019 program can download the guidelines on the page Through this page, students can submit their business proposals in the form of groups of 3-5 people. Business proposal submission is opened from 9 March until 25 April 2019. Students wishing to submit proposals are expected to contact the Directorate of Student Affairs at each university to obtain registration access to the page. (Rosyid/Zul/ZSP)

Published Date : 12-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Alim Setiawan Slamet

Keyword : business, student entrepreneurship, business plan, Indonesian Student Business Competition