Here is the Vision of the Elected Chairman of IPB Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of the IPB University (IPB SA) is optimistic that IPB will continue to improve academic performance and continue to excel in the development of tropical agricultural science, marine science, and bioscience. This is in accordance with the "message" in the IPB rebranding process, namely "Inspiring Innovation with Integrity".

"IPB SA views that the rebranding announced by the Rector of IPB must inspire all future programs and activities of IPB. The message must be actualized, not just a slogan. It is hard, but with the help of Allah SWT and the cooperation of all academics, I am sure it will be realized," explained the Chairman of the IPB SA, Prof. Dodi Nandika, who was just inaugurated last week when interviewed by IPB Communication Bureau reporter at the IPB Dramaga Campus on Wednesday (6/3).

According to him, IPB has existed and served the nation and country for decades. But IPB is also inseparable from various challenges, including full autonomy in the appointment of professors and the availability of adequate budgets and guaranteed sustainability.

Although IPB has succeeded in placing itself as a leading public university in Indonesia and been "recognized" at the global level, but there is still quite a lot of "homework". For example, the enrichment of transdisciplinary content in the curriculum still needs to be strengthened. Cross-scientific research that leads to innovations that are beneficial for society, nation, and country must continue to be improved.

"IPB SA is determined to be a stimulator as well as a catalyst for the noble values of humanity in IPB and science and technology. IPB SA will also keep guarding the establishment of academic norms and supporting the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

He conveyed that the SA duties in the future will be quite heavy, because there are several things that are urgent to be solved, including forming an Adhoc Committee (PAH) for the selection of members of the Board of Trustees (MWA), approving proposals for name changes of faculties and study programs, approving the implementation of professional engineering education, accelerating the promotion process to the Chief Chancellor and Professor, and others.

He said that IPB SA for the 2014-2019 period had shown very good performance. Approximately 34 IPB SA regulations have been issued during this period. IPB SA was also very intense in formulating and implementing academic norms and policies at IPB, "guarding" the implementation of academic freedom, providing input to the MWA, and doing various efforts in accordance with the authorities stipulated in PP 66 Year 2013.

"IPB SA has also built good cooperation with other groups within IPB. This is all to be grateful for and made as "basic capital" by IPB SA 2019-2024 period in carrying out its mission. IPB SA 2019-2024 is determined to maintain, even improve synergy with MWA, Rector, and Council of Professors (DGB). The synergy of these four groups is absolutely necessary in achieving academic excellence and progress of IPB, amidst the dynamics of a very large strategic environment and challenges, especially related to the industrial revolution 4.0," said Prof. Dodi.

Prof. Dodi stated that being elected Chairman of the IPB SA for the 2019-2024 period is a great mandate. It must be grateful for and must be accountable to Allah SWT and stakeholders.

"The first impression of being the Chairman of IPB SA was it is very surprising for me, but I am optimistic that I could work together with all parties. Insha Allah IPB will be more advanced in the future," said Prof. Dodi who was born in Rangkasbitung, Banten, on 7 December 1951. Prof. Dodi has worked as a teaching staff at IPB since 1980. He was appointed as the Chairman of the IPB SA for 2019-2024 period on 28 February 2019. (awl/Zul/ZSP)

Published Date : 11-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dodi Nandika

Keyword : rebranding of IPB, Inspiring Innovation with Integrity, Prof. Dodi Nandika, IPB Academic Senate