Congratulations, One Step Again, the Chemistry Department of IPB University is Internationally Accredited

The international accreditation process in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University has entered the final stage. This was marked by the presence of three assessors from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in the Public Lecture at the Auditorium of FMIPA, Campus of IPB University Dramaga, Bogor (12/3). Besides being an assessor, Prof. Paul J. Stevenson from Queens University Belfast, Prof. Paul D. Lickiss from Imperial College London, and Hilary White, who is a Membership Manager from the Royal Society of Chemistry, were also speakers at the public lecture.

"The arrival of the assessor is a sign that the files and documents that we have sent are considered complete and appropriate by the Royal Society of Chemistry. We also felt very fortunate, because the process of attending the three assessors was held one week before the meeting for the determination of new members by the Royal Society of Chemistry, "said the Chairperson of the Chemistry Department, IPB, Prof. Dr. Dra. Dyah Iswantini P, M.Sc.Agr.

According to him, the instruments in the laboratory are in accordance with RSC standards. More difficult than getting this RSC accreditation is maintaining the quality that has been achieved and continuing to improve it.

"This is very important because every year there will be periodic checks from the RSC. Are we still fulfilling the standards and whether the inputs that the RSC has given us are carried out. Of course we need support from all parties to be able to carry out this, "he explained.

Meanwhile, on this occasion Hillary White explained about the RSC. The Royal Society of Chemistry has been established for 177 years and now has 49,000 members spread throughout the world. The RSC is also a non-profit organization and has become a professional body of chemistry and its derivatives.

"If it is already part of the RSC, members will get international recognition, quality standardization, capacity building, and various things that are done by the RSC to continue to develop its members throughout the world," Hillary White said at the public lecture session. (NR)

Published Date : 19-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Dra. Dyah Iswantini P, M.Sc.Agr.

Keyword : Internationally Accredited, Chemistry Department of IPB University, Royal Society of Chemistry